Dial-911: the most addictive game!

Suspense, challenges, fun, for free … These are the elements that make a game a quality hobby. This is also what Dial-911 offers. Designed as an app for smartphones and tablets, this entertainment will amuse you for hours. So what is it? To whom it is addressed ? How does it work ? That’s what we’ll explain here!

Dial-911: What is it?

You will have understood: Dial-911 is a game, an application, developed to entertain throughout the day. The principle ? Slip into the shoes of a 911 central dispatcher and save your population. Your mission : send out the relevant emergency vehicles depending on the problem you have to face. So much for the broad lines. Obviously and thankfully, practice is far more complex, and, as a fact, much more entertaining!

First download the application. As indicated above, it is free. All done? In these case, we can get down to business. Once registered in due form, the time will have come for you to choose the camp in which you want to work. Two choices are available: working with the police or the emergencies. Say you decided to start your new adventure with the police. Mission accomplished ? Very good. Next step : build your first barrack. “Fine, but where should I establish it? “. In short, you’re spoiled for choice! The map appears before you. Choose the town you wish!

And now you can start playing! Your task? Wait for a mission to be reported to you, and send out the necessary help. ” Missions ? What kinds of missions? “. Homicide, burglary, felony, neighborhood conflicts, shooting … Depending on the difficulty, you will be asked to send the appropriate number of vehicles. ” Cars ? « . Yes, it would be difficult to save anyone without transport, woudn’t it ?!

You will find the number of available vehicles in the details of your building. You can improve your building. It will allow you to buy more vehicles and recruit more staff. ” Staff ? “. Of course ! How would you rescue people without agents ?!

If the number of cars and agents is enough to control the situation, your mission is a success. However, be careful, your team may needs reinforcements!

Successful missions earn you money, which allows you to invest in new equipment (buildings, cars, trucks, etc …).

The more you earn, the higher your level gets. The choice of equipment will expand along with the time you spend on your game! Understood?

Your evolution in the game

Once your game correctly taken over, the time will have come for you to develop strategies, to optimize your time to make more money, to build new buildings; different buildings from those of your original camp (police or hospital). Indeed, climbing levels allows you to have access to new vehicles and new buildings. Those of you who have chosen the police will have, the time come, access to structures and vehicles belonging to the other camp, the hospital ones in our case. And vice versa.

The more time you spend on Dial-911, the more the possibilities and the opportunities become important. Want to build another place? Good idea. Note that you are free to establish it in any city. Gradually, thanks to perseverance and patience, you will be able to establish structures throughout the country! You now know what you have to do … At your gadgets!

Dial-911 features

A game goes with features and all kinds of other possibilities. And you wont be disappointed with what Dial-911 has to offer! Here’s a brief overview of the game’s features:

1 – The chat

Dial-911 has a chat that enables you to talk with other players. Share your experiences, get advice, make new friends, develop strategies together … In any case, do not go without!

2 – The website

All games have a website. Dial-911’s one gives you access to a forum where you can ask questions, interact with other players, give your opinion on the game’s features… You can also read the numerous articles written in order to help you carry out your missions, to guide you, to advise you and to keep you updated with the latest news.

3 – No ads

Dial-911 doesnt carry much ads … However, if you want to get rid of the few of them, an option is available. Just click on “remove advertising.” Of course, you’ll need to pay a small contribution to enjoy this benefit.

4 – Buying green notes

One of Dial-911 high points: you can play for free. Each successful mission is rewarded with money (virtual, needless to say); money that allows you to upgrade your barracks. The game also offers you valuable green notes. “Yes, but what are they for? “. You can use them for everything! Finish your missions without having to wait, use your buildings without having to wait for their construction to be finished, purchase cars without having to wait too … Dial-911 notes allow you to have access to a more dynamic game. Waiting times are over. Thus, you can get to business much faster.

The game offers you green notes every time a new level is reached, however, you can buy some too. Which can be very handy!

5 – Mission records

The mission record tab, as its name suggests, allows you to see the different missions that one has achieved. When were they carried out, how much money have they brought in … This is valuable information because it allows you to sort your new missions based on the amounts that they bring in. Thus, an experienced player will first take care of an homicide before a neighbor conflict. The more your mission is difficult, the more money you earn. Everything is a matter of logic and strategy!

Dial-911: buying new vehicles

You may have already realized that vehicles in Dial-911 are the essential tool to manage your missions in due form. The more cars you will have, the more numerous will be the missions that you will be able to take in charge. Thus, you will be cashing in more money! As you have now understood : you must own as many vehicles as possible. But how? That is what we are going to explain !

Vehicles for each building

You have started your game. So, you must have bought your first building. At this time of the game, you have two vehicles, no more, no less. But it is far enough to begin with. However, as your level goes up and while you’re cashing in money, you’ll notice that the missions are become more and numerous, but unfortunately you can not take them all in charge, and that is due to you little number of vehicles. So how can you get more cars? Above all, you should know that each building has its own vehicles, which means you’ll have to buy cars for each institution. Imagine, in the same way as your humble editor, that you chose the police to start off your game. Your first building is the police station. Click on the orange building button at the bottom right of your screen, then again on your building. You’re there, right? In this case, you should see come up a screen with three tabs named “information” “vehicles” and “staff”.

Conversely to what one might think, this is not the only ‘vehicle’ tab which will interest us here. To start with, let’s take a good look at the “Information” tab. What do you see ? The info that should draw you eye here concerns the number of vehicles in your possession and the number that you can potentially get. This information is under your level (see image below).

Three scenarios

You’ve found it? Good. In our case, our police station can have 4 vehicles maximum, and we only have only 2. So we can become the happy owner of two brand new cars! You are in the same situation? Then go to the “vehicle” tab. You should see a button “buy a car”. No need to say that you must click on it. Mission accomplished ? Perfect. Appears before you the cars you can get. In our case, we do not have the possibility to buy anymore, and it may be the same for you! ” Why ? ” Because you have not reached the required level yet! Patience!

You must not be discouraged! You will have to carry on saving innocents until you reach the right level! It’s only a matter of time. And even if you have to refuse missions since you have not got enough cars, you must continue to persevere. You will soon be at the right level. And you will, when the time comes, be able to grow your brigade’s strike force! Patience young Padawan!

Other scenario: you can not buy cars because your squad already has the maximum number of cars. Nothing to worry about. Moreover, you will not need to gain levels to put an end to this problem. In fact, you only need to improve your building! “How can i do that? “. No panic, we’re getting there! Simply go to the “information” screen of your building, and click on the sum which is necessary to improve your institution (see the photo below). It’s done ? In this case, you should now be able to buy new cars!

You have access to new vehicles without having to perform any of the manipulations above? Lucky you! In that case, just make your choice! Be careful though to make the right one: no worries, all vehicles will help you achieve your missions, however, some are more powerful than others. Some are also larger than others, and can carry a larger number of agents. More officers means that you are more likely to succeed quickly. The sooner you achieve you mission, the faster you’ll earn money. You will be able to upgrade your base more quickly! PRODUCTIVITY !

Another point to consider: the variety of your cars. Indeed, you must be careful to have several vehicles of various types. If you have also chosen the police at the beginning of your game, you are the owner of a BT1 and a BT2. However, some missions will require PS1 or PS2 types of cars. So be sure to have a large enough variety of vehicles and buildings to be able yo handle all the missions you are offered.

Wait or use your notes

“Why can’t i use the cars i’ve just bought? “. You might have missed a primordial information: the time needed for them to be ready to hit the road. You can find this piece of information next to the car’s price. In our case, we are going to have to wait 3 hours. However, you also have the option to pay to save time (20 notes in our case). The choice is yours!

Dial-911: the little things that you’ve missed… – Part 2

We are back with the second part of “Dial-911: the little things that you’ve missed.” As a reminder, the first article dedicated to the same subject, was written in order to give you the keys to become a skilled player. How? Thanks to tips and tricks that you may not have had the opportunity to discover on your own. Thus, we want to help you progress in your game by highlighting the small things, that you might have missed. Focus.

Dial-911 chat: have you found it?

At the beginning of a new game, most players want to start their game alone, to explore unknown lands themselves without asking help from anyone. However, a time comes when you wonder if the other players are’nt doing better than you are. And if they are, how ? What are their technics? Have they discovered things you have not? How are their missions going? Many unanswered questions come to you. Thus, bit by bit, you may want to talk to other players, to compare yourself to them and exchange information. To do this, Dial-911 set up a chat. Yes, you read correctly ! We admit that the button that makes it available is quite discreet; we don’t want to visually pollute, no need to say! So where is the chat? Look closely between your money notes and the button used to manage your buildings. You should normally see a small arrow. Click on it. Yes, you’ve finally found the chat! You can now interact with all the players of the game. Have fun ;).

Vehicles: another way to manage them

During your game, you must send vehicles out to handle your missions here and there on the map. If you are doing this, it means that you understand the purpose of the game (humor). Jokes aside, did you know that all your vehicles on your map are not necessarily trying to save the widow and the orphan? Yes, they may be doing nothing at all! To find out, simply click on the vehicle you want. Is it on the road on the way to accomplish a mission, or is it awaiting your orders at the local coffee shop? Anyway, you can send the car on the mission of your choice according to its status. You can also recall a vehicle on its way to a mission and redirect it on another one if that is your wish. Thus, this technic allows to play an active game, and gives players the ability to optimize the use and the productivity of their vehicles, without having to go through the different screens. Not bad!, isnt it?

By the way, clicking on a car directly on the map allows you to be aware of a number of details relating to it. Indeed, in addition to whether the vehicle is on a mission or not, this tip allows you to take note of the number of people who are in the vehicle, the type of car it is and the institution to which it is attached!

A wider choice of buildings depending on your level

You may have noticed that at the beginning of your game, your choice in buildings is limited. Many players also wonder whether other construction possibilities will arrive as time goes. The answer to this question is yes! Fortunately! The more levels you gain, the more potential buildings you get access to. The better you get, the bigger the choices are. So do not get discouraged yourself to quick when seeing the small number of buildings, remember that your motivation and your determination will give you access to a richer game. In other words: the more you persevere, the more you will enjoy Dial-911!

Choosing the appropriate car

Your device rings to warn you that a mission awaits. You press the little orange triangle on the bottom left of your screen to find out what it is actually about. So far, so good. Like most players, you may send the first vehicle that appears in your list of possibilities. In this case, you are missing a very important piece of information. What is it ? If you take the time to look closer at your mission screen, you will find out that the game tells you what type of vehicle is needed, and the number of them it will take to make you succeed. Indeed, you might need to send one or two police vehicles or an amublance. If you do not pay attention to these pieces of information, note that your mission will only be more complicated to finish. Many players send out one or two random vehicles and don’t understand why reinforcements are needed. These players then send out all their vehicles to make sure that their mission ends well. But meanwhile, other missions are proposed. Two choices are available in this case: either you recall other vehicles and send them on the new mission, or you cary on with what you are doing, noting that that mission might have made you gain more money than the one you are curently working so hard on. So if you take the time to analyze the need in agents upstream, you will optimize your game and lose less time, and therefore, gain more money!

We hope these little tips will help you improve your playing technics. See you soon in the next article ;).

Dial-911: the little things that you’ve missed… – Part 1

If the title of this article has caught your eye, it probably means that you are a loyal player of Dial-911. And we thank you for that ! We chose this topic in order to help you become an experienced gamer, thanks to information and options within the game that you might have missed …

The country is yours

You may have taken time to develop and expand your police station or fire brigade in the city that you carefully selected at the very beginning of your game. But did you know that you can build wherever you feel like … You don’t have to carry on building in the same place throughout your game! Indeed, you are free to build in other cities! Just go to the magnifying glass that you will find at the bottom right of your screen, and enter the name of the city you wish to work in, just as you did at the beginning. Canada is yours, so why limit yourself to a specific area?

Money: the sinews of war

The great player that you are doesnt need to be reminded about the importance of money in the game. One can carry on having fun thanks to the money he/she cashes in through his/her successful missions. Money (fictional money of course) within the game enables you to evolve all along Dial-911. However, you may have missed a piece of information … Have you ever clicked on your level gauge, that one can find on the top left of the screen? Done? In these case, you should see appear a screen called “Mission records.” You have the possibility to go back in time and take a look at the different missions you drove out agents on. The piece of information that interests us the most here concerns the amount of money that you have cashed in thanks to each mission. As a result, a player can see that a fight earned less than a murder, the homicide will have brought in less money than a shootout. What can we claim? The more your mission is complex, the more the money. And with more money, one can evolve in his/her game a lot faster. So when your missions will appear now, we advise you to pay attention to their level, and compare them if you are asked to intervene on several sectors. The aim is to choose those that will earn you the most, of course!

Sorting out one’s vehicles

To intervene on a mission, you have to select the vehicle that seems most appropriate. We remind you the importance of taking into account the distance between your car and the incident in order to reduce the duration of the intervention, and thus put all the chances to succeed on you side and cash in money faster. It is in your choice of cars that the following tip will find its use. Indeed, if you look to the right of your screen, you will see three small icons: a flame (for firefighters), a star (for the police), and an A (for ambulance). Clicking on one of them will enable you to sort out your vehicles according to their type and their final destination. As a long time player, you probably have many cars. So, clicking on the kind of vehicle that you want to drive out, saves you time, once again. As a result, you don’t have to go through your long list to find the most suitable vehicle. Not bad, eh?

Following the progress of one’s interventions

There are several ways to follow the progress of your missions. The Passive way: which consists in waiting for your device to ring and notify you about the necessity of sending out other vehicles. The Active way: which consists in keeping an eye on the progress of your missions thanks to there gauges (the more they go down, the better). However, there is another way that you may not have found out yet. We could name it the « super-active » one. Why? Because it is based on your dynamism. Indeed, you can click directly on the current mission, on the map to see how they are progressing, and drive out, if necessary, new agents.

Silent mode: Dial-911 has thought of everything!

Your addiction to Dial-911 may follow you in places where silence and discretion are essential. Therefore impossible for you to keep your device on ring mode and let the “Dringggggs” fly out. So, how to play without making any noise? Many of you must think that it is simply imposible. But we have good news for you: just because you phone is on silent mode doesnt mean that you are not notified about your missions. If you look closely, the “danger” button at the bottom left of your screen changes to red when you need to make a decision. The color turns bake to orange when the situation is under control. You see, you can play Dial-911 no matter where you are!

We will be back soon with new tips in the second part of “Dial-911: little things that you’ve missed …”

Dial-911: overview of news and tips! – Part 2

We’re back with the second part of Dial-911 : overview of news and tips! Little reminder for those of you who have not had the opportunity to read the previous article: the goal here is to keep you updated with the latest news of your favorite game and give you a few interesting tips that will allow you to evolve faster in your game. You think you already know everything about Dial-911? Maybe … But it is still worth a shot ! Take a few minutes, and sit nicely in your sofa to see what you can get out of this chapter!

Dial-911: revealing colors

Have you ever taken the time to observe your game map without clicking one of the tabs? If this is the case, you might have realized that small bubbles appear; these represent your various missions. Look again a little closer … You see … Each bubble has a specific color. Purple indicates a mission that needs your intervention, yellow means that you are managing the mission, and green indicates that the situation is under control. Thus, no need to go to the mission tab to know what’s going on! Not bad! Eh ?!

Call back button: feel free to use it!

Many players do not use the “call back” button as much as they should. Why ? Because, ordering a vehicle to turn back has a failure aftertaste. Wrong! It’s not because you cancel a mission that you have failed! Well, it’s sure not very pleasant, but we must learn from our mistakes to improve. Speaking about improving one’s playing technics, it is important to know that the “call back” button can be used for strategic purposes! ” Really ?! “. Yes ! Two scenarios:

You are on a mission: overseeing a place of worship. All is going well. You have perfectly mastered the situation. Total: 2 vehicles doing the job. The alarm goes. We need you somewhere else. Normally, this would not be a problem, but at that moment, you have no more vehicles available! A problematic situation, you will agree! You are upset knowing that this new mission would have earned more than the worship place one. Do not worry, a solution does exist! Just analyze the situation. You currently have 2 cars processing your supervisory mission. But one lot of agents is far enough! Why not send a car on the mission that would make you hit the jackpot? A vehicle is not enough? In that case, have a look at the other ongoing missions, and see if you can not call back a car to send it where it’s really needed! It’s all about organization!

“Better too many than not enough.” The saying also applies to Dial-911 players who prefer to send out more cars than necessary. It is true that this is a way to ensure the success of the mission, however, and in the same way as the previous example, you may find yourself stuck if you do not keep cars in stock! If you really want to play the safety card, send your cars on the mission a few minutes apart. If the first vehicle is not enough, you already have another coming. If conversely, the officers there are numerous enough, quickly call back the last car sent out. You will be glad to have officers in stock when the time comes!


Over time, the different missions will become familiar to you, that’s a fact. So why not take advantage of this knowledge and use it … “Yes, but how? “. Anticipating! What is the difference between a family dispute and a shootout? The difficulty of course! But you already know that! So instead of sending out a random number of vehicles, why not send them out according to the difficulty of the mission itself! A car with a relatively low level will easily settle a conflict, while the shooting is likely to be more complicated! Anticipating will save you time!

Unlocked buildings

The higher you level is, the bigger is the variety of buildings you have access to. Here’s the surprise : if you are in the police officer team, you will, over time, have the possibility to invest in buildings related to the fire brigade activity! Yes, you read correctly! In the same way that players who began their game with the fire fighters, will have, the time come, the chance to save people in police cars!

If you are at level 7, you are in this case. However, we suggest you to take enough time to choose the most appropriate buildings. Yes, you are happy to have unlocked a new facet of the game, and we understand you! However, it is important to follow a strategy! If you are, in the same way as your faithful servant, in the police team, we recommend you to invest in a hospital or in a firehouse. “These buildings are more expensive than the others! “. Yes, but there’s a reason to that! These activate new missions, and enable you to earn more money!

That’s all for today folks! See you soon with a new article!

Dial-911: overview of news and tips! – Part 1

Hello everybody ! All the team of Dial-911 is happy to be back with a brand new article. Today, we are going to give you some tips to help you optimize your game in no time. We will also introduce the novelties that have been added to the game. Let’s go!

Dial-911: tips to improve your playing technique!

Let’s talk about tips! You are very likely to have found many yourself during your game. However, it is impossible for a player to get hold of all them in a oner! This is where we intervene! Our rôle consists in helping you improve your playing techniques to maximize profits and fun!

1 – Expand the locker room

Your buildings have become important establishments ? As a result, you should have decided to recruit staff in order to cope with the missions that are getting more numerous and more complicated along time. To hire more agents, the simplest solution consists in improving one’s building, which will enable you to recruit more people. But you may not have enough money to achieve this transformation. Yes, we must admit that the expansions are not all cheap. « So, what can we do ? » Go to the “staff” tab. On your right, a small tab proposes you to expand your locker. Once the transformation made, you will be able to hire more people, and fill your cars up with agents. See, all that without having to spend thousands in the improvement of your buildings! Not bas, eh?

2 – Destroying buildings

Let’s face it: we are all a little crazy when we put our hands on a new game! In the case of Dial-911, this craziness is reflected by the construction of buildings everywhere on our map. And yes, we want to dominate the world! However, a time comes when we no longer have the necessary funds to improve or buy anything anymore. You then realize that you havn’t focused enough on what you should have, which is to say fewer areas in order to grow your activity in a few towns in an efficient manner. Do not worry, each problem has a solution. All you need to do is to destroy the concerned buildings, which will enable you to get some money back into your pocket. “I just destroyed a few of my buildings, but the missions in which they were involved are still there. Knowing that I have no more cars in that town, I wont be able to finish them! What can I do ?! “. No worries ! Once again, a tip will save the day … Have some notes in stock? Luckily you have, and you’re going to need them! To complete your missions related to the destroyed buildings and earn the money and the experience that goes with them, you will have to pay with your notes to finish the concerned missions. If you do not have enough notes, just buy a few.

3 – Earning notes …

If you have been having fun with Dial-911 for some time, you have no doubt realized that money is essential for the evolution of your game! Successful missions entitle you to coins, that enable you to move on with your game. However, the famous notes, that one can see as little keys that open all locks, are not free. However, it is important to know that the game will actually give you some every time you gain a level! Obviously buying a few notes can quickly unlock Dial-911 situations, but if you do not want to pay, just be patient!

4 – A more accurate gauge

So far, the level gauge enabled you to get a vague idea of the scope of tasks that you needed to achieve in order to get to the next level. But that was before. Because the gauge is now more accurate. Players now know the needed number of units that will allow them to gain a level. Less frustration in other words!

5 – Expading the garage

In the same way as the locker room, it is possible to expand one’s garage in order to buy a larger number of vehicles, and this, without improving one’s building. As a result, one will have a larger number of mobile agents available and will be more efficient during missions! And who says efficiency, says cash!

6 – Car tip

At the beginning, we often tend to manage our game as complications arise. But over time, we learn to anticipate! Take the example of missions that require reinforcements …. “Is there a way to know how many cars will be needed ? One is never sure of anything, however, some clues allow us to have a more or less precise idea of the answer… Your cars and your missions have a status that is represented by a number. Your goal is to match the status of your car with the one of the mission on which you are about to send it. The status of your vehicle can be higher than the one of your mission. Howerver, doing this will assure you the success of your intervention.

That’s all for today friends. The team of Dial-911 will soon be back with the second part of tips and news!

Dial-911: need a little guidance to start playing?

If you thought it useful to come and read this article, i bet you are a bit lost on Dial-911 platform. All beginners need to be guided to enjoy a game in its entity. One must admit that it is far from always being easy to find first go what one’s looking for! In a previous article, we taught you how to start playing. Here we propose to explore the different tabs the game is made of in our company. The goal: to enable you to find what you are looking for without having to spend hours going throught the numerous screens of the game. Let’s go!

Dial-911’s first step: building!

You are at the beginning of the game and your first mission, before being able to save people, consists in putting up your buildings. To do this, simply go to the small button with an orange building on it, that you will find at the bottom right of your screen. Click on it. Right, you’re there? In this case, you should see a small screen on which you will find a button; the “build” button. Again, click. You should now see displayed in front of you a list of buildings that you can build. Select the one that inspires you the most. Obviously, the most expensive one will give you wider possibilities of action than the most cheaper one’s will (more vehicles, agents, etc …)

Money: the sinews of war!

You now have a building, but you have just seen that you will have to wait 8 hours before being able to use it. In other words, no mission will be proposed to you before your building is finished. Annoying, isn’t it !? Not really actually, because, fortunately, there is a solution that enables you to play straight away, without having to wait half a day. So what is it? Those of you who have read the previous article concerning the beginning of the game know how much money can be of great help in Dial-911’s. And it is thanks to your little green notes, which you will find at the top right of your screen that you will be able to make thing move. The game will offer you to finish your building in exchange of a certain amount of money. However, if you are here, you have probably already explored the game, and thus already spent all your notes. So, how can you get some more? To do this, click on the green gauge, which is, as we just pointed out, located at the top right, below the coin gauge, which will talk about later. The screen “Get Money” appears. You will just have to carry on reading to know what to do next … Indeed, you will have to buy them. However, one will admit that they are not very expensive!

“And what about the coins? “. The game is not composed of a screen dedicated to the coins for the simple reason that you cannot buy them. The game give you some every time you achieve a mission!

The missions: the nub

Your building is built? Okay, we can then move on to the mission screen. To see the missions that await you or the one’s that are in progress, click on the triangle (orange if you have missions going on or red if you are expected to take a decision) located at the bottom left of your screen. Same thing: click on it. You will then see your various missions come up. To send a squadron or help, simply click on the chosen mission and select the car that seems to be most appropriate.

The mission historic: a discret tab

At the top left of your screen is a gauge with a number. This is your level. Well, you probably already know that. However, did you know that it is interactive! This means that you can click on it. Yes ! So, what happens when you do? Press the button … A screen intitled “Mission Historic ” will appear before you. “But what is it for? “. With it, you can see how much money each mission brang you in since the beginning of the game. You can find out which missions make you earn the most. Not bad, eh ?!

Chat, settings and search bar

The last three screens we still have to present to you are the chat, the settings and the search bar ones.

You will find the chat on the right of your screen. To view it, simply click on the small arrow located between the note gauge and the small gear. You’ve found it ? Great ! You can now exchange with the other gamers! Feel free to get to know them, they could teach you a lot of things !

We mentioned a “small gear”. This must surely remind you of the “Settings” tab. Well done! This is indeed the “Settings” screen. You can turn the sound on and off, remove ads, start your game over again or go to the log out screen if you wish!

The search bar is located on the left of your “building” tab. It allows you to look for another city and establish a new basis, and that, wherever you want!