Dial-911: overview of news and tips! – Part 2

We’re back with the second part of Dial-911 : overview of news and tips! Little reminder for those of you who have not had the opportunity to read the previous article: the goal here is to keep you updated with the latest news of your favorite game and give you a few interesting tips that will allow you to evolve faster in your game. You think you already know everything about Dial-911? Maybe … But it is still worth a shot ! Take a few minutes, and sit nicely in your sofa to see what you can get out of this chapter!

Dial-911: revealing colors

Have you ever taken the time to observe your game map without clicking one of the tabs? If this is the case, you might have realized that small bubbles appear; these represent your various missions. Look again a little closer … You see … Each bubble has a specific color. Purple indicates a mission that needs your intervention, yellow means that you are managing the mission, and green indicates that the situation is under control. Thus, no need to go to the mission tab to know what’s going on! Not bad! Eh ?!

Call back button: feel free to use it!

Many players do not use the “call back” button as much as they should. Why ? Because, ordering a vehicle to turn back has a failure aftertaste. Wrong! It’s not because you cancel a mission that you have failed! Well, it’s sure not very pleasant, but we must learn from our mistakes to improve. Speaking about improving one’s playing technics, it is important to know that the “call back” button can be used for strategic purposes! ” Really ?! “. Yes ! Two scenarios:

You are on a mission: overseeing a place of worship. All is going well. You have perfectly mastered the situation. Total: 2 vehicles doing the job. The alarm goes. We need you somewhere else. Normally, this would not be a problem, but at that moment, you have no more vehicles available! A problematic situation, you will agree! You are upset knowing that this new mission would have earned more than the worship place one. Do not worry, a solution does exist! Just analyze the situation. You currently have 2 cars processing your supervisory mission. But one lot of agents is far enough! Why not send a car on the mission that would make you hit the jackpot? A vehicle is not enough? In that case, have a look at the other ongoing missions, and see if you can not call back a car to send it where it’s really needed! It’s all about organization!

“Better too many than not enough.” The saying also applies to Dial-911 players who prefer to send out more cars than necessary. It is true that this is a way to ensure the success of the mission, however, and in the same way as the previous example, you may find yourself stuck if you do not keep cars in stock! If you really want to play the safety card, send your cars on the mission a few minutes apart. If the first vehicle is not enough, you already have another coming. If conversely, the officers there are numerous enough, quickly call back the last car sent out. You will be glad to have officers in stock when the time comes!


Over time, the different missions will become familiar to you, that’s a fact. So why not take advantage of this knowledge and use it … “Yes, but how? “. Anticipating! What is the difference between a family dispute and a shootout? The difficulty of course! But you already know that! So instead of sending out a random number of vehicles, why not send them out according to the difficulty of the mission itself! A car with a relatively low level will easily settle a conflict, while the shooting is likely to be more complicated! Anticipating will save you time!

Unlocked buildings

The higher you level is, the bigger is the variety of buildings you have access to. Here’s the surprise : if you are in the police officer team, you will, over time, have the possibility to invest in buildings related to the fire brigade activity! Yes, you read correctly! In the same way that players who began their game with the fire fighters, will have, the time come, the chance to save people in police cars!

If you are at level 7, you are in this case. However, we suggest you to take enough time to choose the most appropriate buildings. Yes, you are happy to have unlocked a new facet of the game, and we understand you! However, it is important to follow a strategy! If you are, in the same way as your faithful servant, in the police team, we recommend you to invest in a hospital or in a firehouse. “These buildings are more expensive than the others! “. Yes, but there’s a reason to that! These activate new missions, and enable you to earn more money!

That’s all for today folks! See you soon with a new article!

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