I feel its time to make a new note with extensions and what vehicles they unlock.

Not all extensions are working yet, and the developer has told me that he is still working on the others. Here’s a list of the ones I currently have, and know work. I will update as I find out more.

The unlock requirements are not accurate. Most are unlocked by a game level and direction level. The unlock text is a bug in the game.


Commandment- Unlocks Chief Vehicles and a Command Van. Be sure to purchase a chief vehicle first as command van is not always used, but chief will be.

Workshop- Makes it possible to transfer vehicles between stations. For example: Chief
vehicles can only be purchased at your central station. With Workshop, you can send a chief vehicle to a different station, making it easier to create battalions if you are trying to recreate a big city department.

Hazmat- Unlocks hazmat vehicles. Both Hazmat vehicles have the same function. So they both can work for any call needing hazmat.

RAC fire vehicle- Unknown how it is unlocked as it just showed up in my list after an update. Used on large scale incidents.

Rescue- Unlocks rescue unit. It is now used on some calls

Squad- Unlocks squad vehicle, it is now used on some calls, and can also be used as a regular engine

High Rise- Unlocks Tanker as of right now. Developer has mentioned it may be moved.

Tech. Support Unit- Unlocks Tiller right now. Developer mentioned it will be moved to high rise.

EMS- Unlocks an EMS unit that can be used on EMS calls.



Commandment- Unlocks supervisor. It is not required to have, but sometimes after purchase it is used on large scale incidents (Active Shooter, Gun-Fire, Officer Down). You also need the K9 unit before the supervisor will be used.

DEA- Unlocks DEA and K9 car. DEA car is now used on some drug related calls. K9 unit is used on multiple different calls, and can be used as a regular patrol as well.

FBI- Unlocks FBI car. I have used the FBI car on a hacker call so far.

US Marshals Service- Unlocks Marshal car. I have used the Marshal call on an escaped prisoner, and prisoner transport call.

Bureau of firearms- unlocks ATF vehicle. ATF calls are now working

Copter station: Unlocks helicopter, acts like a patrol. Can move faster than vehicles, and flies directly to the call.

Sheriff- acts like a normal patrol. Unknown what unlocks it since the last update, possibly a level, or part of an extension.



Commandment: Unlocks EMS captain, and EMS supervisor. Supervisor is used more often, and can only be purchased at the central station.

Workshop- Allows transfer of vehicles between stations.

Copter station: acts like a normal EMS vehicle, flies directly to the call.


If there are any that I am missing, and you have found that work. Don’t hesitate to comment.

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