Dial 911: how to unlock the game elements?

A common principle of any simulation game is that the gamer unlocks elements, devices, means of transport and others at several stages of the game. These stages are reached by increasing the levels. And Dial 911 is no exception to the rule. Indeed, the operators you are will have to reach specific levels to unlock additional resources necessary for the development of their structures (fire station, police stations, hospitals, etc.). So what are the level objectives to be set? When will you be able to purchase new vehicles for your police stations? For your fire stations? For your hospitals? The answers to these questions in this new article.

Dial 911: new possibilities as from level 25

The road may seem long for Dial 911’s new players, who will have to wait until level 25 before unlocking the first new elements. Once this first major stage of development has been reached, the player will be able to build hospitals and the management hospital structures. “And what else? “That’s all for now. Yes, this can be particularly frustrating for gamers who have previously struggled to reach level 25. But, be reassured, unlocking new elements is much faster as from this stage of the game.
Take advantage of this stage of the game to invest in the two new structures at your disposal, but also to take stock of your situation (especially financial) and plan your future investments. Indeed, you will soon unlock many things. So maybe it’s time to save up and not spend too much for future investments.

Dial 911: welcome to level 30!

As gamers, you will greatly appreciate the breath of fresh air provided through level 30. Indeed, six new vehicles are at your disposal. While this may seem light for some, it should be noted that these means of transport are particularly useful through the many functions they offer. So, which vehicles are we talking about?


Overview of the new fire engines

On the firefighters’ side, you will have new access to the FPTSR, the EPC32 and the VCC. The FPTSR is, without a doubt, the vehicle that will please you the most. “Why is that so?” Because it will be useful when a truck with VPI, FPT, FPT, FPTL, VSR or BAL functionalities is required. As you will have understood, the FPTSR is a multifunctional machine that will greatly simplify your interventions. It will also save you time. No need to read the functions of all your vehicles before sending out the right one. You will then know that your FPTSR will undoubtedly be able to manage the intervention.
Level 30 also gives you the opportunity to purchase the EPC32. This vehicle is, without a doubt, unknown to you at this time, in the same way as its functions. Yes, because no intervention requiring the functions of the EPC32 has yet been proposed to you. Speaking of features, you can send the EPC32 on missions requiring EPA, EPA32 and EVASAN.
Finally, level 30 will give you access to the VCC. A vehicle with CDC function. New interventions for you, in other words!


Focus on new police vehicles

Same as for the firefighter category, level 30 gives you access to three new police vehicles. So, what are they?
You will now be able to purchase the RADAR vehicle. Vehicle with the same function (radar). This will allow you to chase people who are speeding.
Second police car at your disposal at level 30: the VLU. This will allow you to insure and cover interventions requiring the mobile function.
The latest vehicle now available for purchase is the CRS, which also has a mobile function.

It is important to note that buying these vehicles and trucks will allow you to broaden your range of interventions and, in fact, gain more experience and money. Interesting, isn’t it?


Dial 911: what’s new at level 35?

Level 35 will, also, be greatly appreciated by gamers, as six vehicles are once again becoming accessible. Vehicles that will give you access to a wide range of new interventions. So don’t wait too long to get them! Because, in the meantime, it’s experience, coins and notes that are passing under your nose.
Profits aside, what are the new level 35 vehicles?

Four more vehicles for your firefighters

Gamers will be able to purchase not three, but four additional vehicles to equip their firemen teams with.

First of all, the CCFM. This truck will allow you to carry out missions that require the intervention of vehicles with CCFM and CCF functions. If these types of missions do not currently mean anything to you, the acquisition of this truck will open new doors and give you more opportunities.

Another truck available to purchase as from level 35: the CeCGC. This will allow you to take charge of CCGC interventions.


Third vehicle: the CeAEGP. From now on, you will be able to cover the POM interventions.

Finally, the arrival of the VPCE will give you the opportunity to accept PORT missions.

Two additional cars at the disposal of your police officers

The gamers will have access to one car less compared to level 30 and level 35 on the firemen side. However, be assured that this will not impact your overall number of interventions. You won’t be missing any work! So, what vehicles will you be able to equip yourself with?

Keep some money to buy the BANA car (an unmarked car in other words). This will give you the opportunity to operate on sites that require OPJ and PSIG functions.

Second police vehicle accessible as from level 35: the CDEP, which has the function of the same name.

Dial 911: zoom on level 40

Level 40 is a crucial step in your game. Indeed, it will totally change your strategy, and will consequently expand your possibilities of intervention. This is, in particular, due to the panoply of new vehicles that the ascent to level 40 gives you access to. Thus, it will be necessary to rethink your priorities, both in terms of interventions and construction. You will also need to take the time to optimize each of your buildings in good and due form to ensure that you take full advantage of the new opportunities and possibilities that Dial 911’s level 40 offers you. As you will have understood: level 40 represents a whole new world for you.

18 new vehicles for firefighters

Yes, yes, you read it right. It is no longer just a question of three or four unlocked vehicles, but 18! So, what are they? The level 40 player will now have access to:

VLOG (LOG function), CCFS11 (CCGC functions – CCFS), VSAVHR (VSAVHR function), VPL (PLG function), CeDEC (NRBCE function), RAV (Log function), VPRO (PRO function), VRM (Smur function), VLD (VLD function), BEA (EPA32, BEA and EVASAN functions), VIRT (NRBCE function), VL3SM (smur functions -SSSM), PCC (PC function), ELS (EMB function), CeLOG (LOG function), VAR (VAR function), VLU (VLU function), CeDEPOLL (DEPOL function)


By looking at this list, you may have realized that some of these vehicles have functions in common with vehicles that you probably already have. Thus, in addition to expanding your fleet, these new vehicles multiply your possibilities and allow you to send out more vehicles for interventions with specific needs.

3 new police vehicles

If level 40 unlocks a large number of vehicles for firefighters, this figure is much lower on the police side. Indeed, it only amounts to three. However, there is no reason to be frustrated, as you will have enough to do. So don’t worry about that!

Thus, the additional vehicles accessible on the police side are:

UTIL-TIC with ICT function

RADAR-LAPI, with the function of the same name

The RePB, with its barrier function

Finally, vehicles for hospitals!

As a player, you will have to hold on before unlocking the first vehicles for your hospital. Indeed, it is only once level 40 reached that gamers will be able to become the proud owners of a DSM VL (with VLDSM function), a PCDSM (with PCDSM function) and a Baria (with AP function). But nothing is impossible. A zest of perseverance will be enough to quickly climb the levels!


Dial 911: discovering level 45

Even if level 45 is not the source of as many vehicles as level 40, you should know that level 40 represents an important step in your game and will also (but less obviously) impact your game strategy.

So what to expect once level 45 is reached?

Focus on new firefighter vehicles

That’s six new vehicles you can now use. At this point in the game, your fleet should prove to be substantial. Make sure you have the necessary number of firefighters to bring all your vehicles to the site. Otherwise, and if you do not have enough agents, there is no need to invest in more vehicles in the first place. As you will have understood: focus on your professionals before buying more vehicles. Invest in the right order!

Let’s get back to the point. Here are the unlocked fire engines at level 45:

CCFS13, with CCGC and CCFS functions

The VEV, with VEN and ECL functions

The CDHR, which has the CDHR function

CeMafor, with MDF and SD functions

The VPMA, with the PMA function

The CeSD, with its SD function

Focus on your police officers’ new vehicles

Level 45 unlocks two police vehicles. You will be able to put your agents behind the wheel of the following cars:

The Mine Clearer


Dial 911: welcome to level 50

At this level, you should already be well advanced in your game and be equipped with a significant number of vehicles. Moreover, level 50 will delight the gamers you are with a new set of vehicles with which to travel and act on your territory. So, what surprises await you?


A flurry of new vehicles in the fire brigade

Once again, Dial 911 spoils you with a host of cars and trucks for your firefighters. And more vehicles means more missions, so be ready!

Level 50 allows you to take possession of the:

VSS, machine with LOG – SSSM functions

PCHR, machine with PC functions – PCHR

VLROGT, a vehicle with VLCT function

FMOGP, machine with FMOGP – MOU functions

CeEM, a machine with the MOU function

VLROGD, machine with CDS – FDFS functions

CeNRBCe, a machine with NRBCE function

CeFS, a device with MOU and POU functions)

CePMA, a machine with PMA function

A single vehicle for police and gendarmes

Gamers may be disappointed once they reach level 50 due to the low number of new vehicles unlocked on the cop side. As mentioned above, as you go through the stages and the more levels you climb, the accumulation of gear will allow you to carry out a myriad of missions and establish yourself in the territory you have chosen in good and due form. So don’t be frustrated that only one device is unlocked here. Moreover, note that fewer gendarmerie and police vehicles are delivered for the following reason: there are not many more to unlock! Yes, yes, you read it right, you’re nearing the end!


So what is this level 50 vehicle? We are talking about the helicopter. Nice, isn’t it? This will allow you to carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Have fun 😉

Two new vehicles for your hospital

In the same way as level 40, level 50 is a crucial step for the players’ hospitals, which can now be equipped with two new vehicles. One vehicle less than level 40. However, these will not disappoint you…. We are referring to the RPMA (with PMA function) and (hang on tight…) to the helicopter. Dial 911 duly rewards level 50 players for their tenacity. With your new air machine, you as a player can take on missions that require SMUR, AR and AP functions.


Dial 911: the beginning of the end from level 60

As mentioned above, level 50 is the beginning of the end. But don’t worry, there are still a few surprises waiting for you. And as like every tenth levels, level 60 is also a source of the most interesting machines. Thus, we will take advantage of this short chapter to introduce you to all the unlocked devices from level 60 and those to be unlocked up to level 75. Soon you will be leading a real squadron that (almost) nothing and no one can stop!

Focus on firefighters

Once you reach level 60, you will now have access to the CeVAR (VAR and VEN functions), CePRO (PRO function), MORANE (HBE function), VAT (MECA function), VDEP (MECA function also), FC (VAR function) and VAMHR (MECA function) vehicles that you can equip your fire brigade with.

After level 65, the gamer will be able to put his agents behind the wheel of GELD vehicles. Vehicles with the function of the same name.

The last fire truck will be unlocked and offered to the player at level 75. It is a real war machine that you will have access to at this stage. Its name: the FPTSRT. Behind this name is a vehicle armed with a wide range of functions. Indeed, your agents will be able to take it on missions that require trucks with FPTL, FPT, RR, TUN and VSR functions. As you will have understood, this is a multifunctional machine at your disposal.


Focus on gendarmes and police officers

Exceeding level 60 also provides nice surprises for gamers who are eager to unlock new vehicles for their gendarmes and police officers.

UTIL-RAID. This is the machine that will be offered to you to acquire at this new level. Moreover, it is not just any vehicle. Indeed, it is equipped with the GIGN function. Not bad, hey? As you will have understood, the upcoming missions will not be easy, but be sure that they will be exciting and, of course, well rewarded.

Another vehicle unlocked at level 60 is the PC, which has the PC Police function.

The latest motorized machine offered at this stage of the game: the VLBI. A device with the function of the same name.

That’s all for now…. But don’t worry, Dial 911 rewards, once again, your work at level 61 with the HARAS vehicle. Machine that you can direct on… HARAS type missions. .


It will now be necessary to wait until level 65 before taking possession of a new machine. Once this is achieved, it is the PLBI (with the PLBI function) that you can launch in the field.

The best for the end. The last vehicles are unlocked at level 70. From this moment on, you will be able to survey the territory and help the citizens of your area with the DRONE. In the same way as UTIL-RAID, DRONE will be used to carry out reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

So, happy? 😉

Other vehicles to unlock?

As you will have noticed, we have informed you of the unlocked machines, cars and trucks at each new tenth levels (except for level 35, for which a dedicated chapter was necessary). But it should be noted that players sometimes have access to new vehicles between each dozen. So, what surprises await you?

What new among firefighters?

At level 37, you now have access to the CCFS truck with the same name function.

Once you reach level 45, you will be able to purchase the VEV that allows you to perform VEN and ECL missions.

Another gift from Dial 911 for gamers who have reached this stage of the game: the CCFS13, with CCGC and CCFS functions.

And that’s not all. Indeed, you will also be able to equip your soldiers with the CDHR (with the function of the same name), CeMAFOR (MDF and SD functions), VPMA (PMA function) and CeSD (MOU and POU functions)


At level 46, you will then be able to take over the MPR (POM function) and then the FDGP (CDHR and POM functions) at level 47.

On the cops’ side….

Once you reach level 41, you will be able to purchase the VRI vehicle that allows you to support missions requiring the Interception function.

Level 45 is the source of two new vehicles: the deminer (function of the same name) and the TCL (function TCL)

Have you just reached level 55? In this case, you will be happy to know that you will now be able to go to the field with your Choucas helicopter, required for PGHM and helicopter hoisting missions, and with your VLTT, useful for PGHM and Avalanche Dog type missions.

What about the hospital?

Only one vehicle to unlock between the dozens of levels in the hospital category. This is the RCUMP (CUMP function) that you will be able to obtain once you reach level 55.


Dial 911: what about the “prerequisites”?

Before you can buy a new vehicle, you as a gamer must have the required prerequisites. For many machines, the prerequisites result in a precise level to be reached, as detailed above. However, about ten cars and trucks require other prerequisites before they can be made yours. So, what are they?

The prerequisites of gendarmes and police officers

The TV car (with PAM and SAM functions), in the same way as the TC vehicle (PAM function), requires ownership of the workshop.

To become the proud owner of a MOTOS squadron, which will be useful to you in carrying out ESCORTE-type missions, you will need to have integrated a motorized brigade into your team of gendarmes and police officers.

Another car that requires a prerequisite to be able to acquire it is the BAC vehicle, which has the PSIG function. To enter into its possession, you will need, upstream, to have the traditional BAC brigade (the anti-crime brigade).

Last vehicle requiring a prerequisite: the VLOPJ. It has the OPJ function and will be yours from the moment you become the head of the Judicial Police.

Zoom on the firemen

Good news: no prerequisites (other than reaching a level) are required to access all firefighters’ cars and trucks. However, as you will have understood, you will have to reach the levels indicated next to each vehicle to be able to use it.


And the hospital ?

In the same way as some police and gendarmerie vehicles, some machines in your hospitals require prerequisites to be unlocked and used. So, what cars and trucks are we talking about?

The VSL (VSL function) will be available to players once they have purchased an ambulance extension. The same applies to the ASSU vehicle (AP function), which will only be available under this condition as well. The VLM (with SMUR function), AR (SMUR and AR functions) and UMH (AR and AP functions) will be at your disposal once the SAMU extension has been purchased.

Dial 911: and what about the constructions in all this?

In the same way as the range of vehicles presented above, one of Dial 911’s constructions requires a pre-requisite for you to be able to build it. We are talking about the Civil Security. Indeed, you will have to reach level 60 before erecting this new building. Be brave, you will succeed!


Dial 911: how to use your money wisely?

Coins and banknotes are of paramount importance in Dial 911. These are won at the end of each mission, at the next level and allow you to invest in vehicles, new buildings, increase your staff, improve your buildings, expand your garage, treat yourself in the shop and complete missions more quickly.

As you will have understood, Dial 911’s coins and banknotes make it possible to carry out a wide range of different actions and to evolve in one’s game in thousands of possible ways. And it is, moreover, this vast offer of possibilities that makes the game more complex. Dial 911 wouldnt’t be so fun if it was too easy either, wouldn’t it ? Thus, it is useful and particularly important to invest your money in a thoughtful way, so that the investment has the greatest and most effective impact possible. “All right, but how do we do that? What is it best to buy? “Good questions! Focus on the best ways to use your money in Dial 911 according to your progress in the game.

Dial 911: invest according to your situation and difficulties

For each situation, at each stage of the game, there are useful and relevant investments of their own. The first question to ask yourself is the following one: what are the current obstacles that you are facing? Different examples to illustrate the most common situations.

1 – A number of missions at half mast

You may sometimes not have the amount of missions that you would like to have. While some will see these passages of the game as moments of relief, others will analyze them as periods of time during which the player loses potential money, failing to have a full range of missions to work on. What solutions to this problem?


As a gamer, you have several possibilities to multiply your interventions and optimize your playing time. To do this, the player can, first of all, invest in new buildings. Fire station, police station, hospital…. Multiplying the number of buildings, placing oneself in still virgin areas increases the number of potential interventions.

The other solution lies in the Dial 911 shop. Indeed, gamers have the possibility to buy packs that double the number of interventions for one hour, three hours or more. A real investment as the purchase of intervention packs makes it possible to observe a rapid return and to make considerable profits in a short period of time.

2 – Don’t skimp on the staff

Many of us are players who invest in as many buildings as possible to multiply our number of interventions, as illustrated above. However, as good as this strategy is, it has its limitations. These limits lie at the staff level. Indeed, it often happens that gamers have a large number of barracks and police stations, but they do not have enough staff to carry out all the interventions offered to them. Thus, the question arises, quite naturally, as to why own a large number of buildings if you do not have the number of agents necessary to fill them with.


Thus, and to profit of all the potential of one’ s buildings, it is recommended to ensure that the maximum number of officers within each barracks and each police station is reached. Don’t miss out on high-gain interventions because you haven’t thought about arming your buildings with the right number of agents. In addition to losing money, not being able to cover all the proposed interventions is particularly frustrating.

3 – Do you have all the necessary vehicles?

Dial 911’s experienced players already know this, but a recall never hurts. The success of the interventions depends on the vehicles you send on site. Each intervention is different and requires its own vehicles and personnel. In addition to the difficulty of guessing, at first, which car or truck to send out on the intervention, it may happen that the player that you are does not have the necessary vehicle to send in support according to the needs on the spot and the scale of the situation.


To avoid being stuck in your mission because you don’t have the right vehicles, it is strongly recommended to focus on diversity. Start by buying one vehicle in each category when you build a new building. However, it is good to know that it is the VSAVs, BALs, PAMs and VPIs that are the most solicited and most needed. If you don’t have enough money to invest in one vehicle of each model, start with the ones mentioned above.

4 – Don’t leave the finishings of your buildings lying around

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, multiplying one’ s buildings makes it possible to increase the number of interventions and, in this way, gain a maximum amount of money and experience. However, the buildings purchased are of little use when they are being prepared and finished. This way, and as you may already know, you have the opportunity to complete the construction of your buildings instantly. To do this, simply click on the building you have just established and choose to benefit from it immediately. While it is true that the price of imminent finishing represents a real cost, it should be noted that this option makes it possible to make your buildings profitable right away. On the other hand, the player who wishes to be patient before benefiting of his / her new buildings will first have invested money in a structure that will not be profitable to him / her in the immediate future. So, you might as well optimize your purchase quickly, right?

5 – Don’t forget to improve your buildings!

While it is recommended to own as many buildings as possible and to scatter them carefully in order to cover as much land as possible, it is important to remember to take care of your buildings and to raise them to new levels. Indeed, the newcomers will notice, within the tab of their building, that they have the opportunity to improve their building. This improvement makes it possible to accommodate a larger number of vehicles and, as you will have understood, to cover more ground.


Therefore, before investing in new buildings, it is strongly recommended to optimize the buildings you already own and ensure that they are at their maximum capacity.
Optimizing your buildings is cheaper than buying new ones and allows you to accept and manage an increasing number of interventions. So take 15 minutes to make sure all your buildings are at maximum level.

6 – End the missions you are stuck on

Whether it is due to a lack of vehicles, a lack of personnel or the complexity of the task, it happens that the mission, the intervention you are on, exceeds you. There’s nothing wrong with that. These are things that happen. However, it should be noted that the missions that give you the most trouble are the ones that bring you the most in terms of coins. Thus, if you have a few green notes with which you do not know what to do, it is recommended to complete your mission via the “paying” option that is available. Why? Because, you will undoubtedly have spent a lot of time on the mission in question.


It would be a pity if your time was entirely lost and unprofitable. Thus, do not hesitate to finish your mission with your small green bills when the intervention appears to be too complex, interminable or when you do not have the vehicles and / or the staff necessary for its completion.

7 – Give your agents the means to go on site

Quite often, the players that we are have more agents than vehicles. One must note that these vehicles can carry a limited number of agents. Also, professionals who are left behind can be blocked at the barracks or at the police station if they do not have a vehicle at their disposal. Also, and always in order to optimize your time and upstream investments, it is strongly recommended to ensure that the number of cars and trucks you have is high enough so that all the officers in your unit can be useful. As you will have understood: having many agents is fine, but it is even better when they are able to go on site and bring you money and experience!

8 – The shop

If you are convinced that you have optimized all aspects of your game in good and due form, why not use some of your money in the shop. At your disposal: packs that allow you to multiply the experience acquired, the gains, the interventions, to see the necessary means needed for your interventions in order to carry them out quickly…


This will spice up your Dial 911 game in good and proper form, increase your fun, help you progress more quickly and deploy your teams in more areas.
The packs make it easier to reach a higher level. Convenient when you are about to unlock new vehicles and buildings by moving to the next level. Less frustration in other words!
However, it is strongly recommended to invest in one of these packs when you have time to devote to your game. Indeed, the life span of these packs varies between one and 48 hours. Make sure you have the required time in front of you to fully profit of your game!