Dial 911: teaming up to win

The alliances. This is the theme we will address in this new Dial 911 article. Alliances are not a priority for the beginning player. This one being busy discovering the game, its functioning, its difficulties and its challenges. Alliances are a side part of the game that you are strongly advised to take an interest in once you, as a gamer, have understood all aspects of the game and understood all the rules. Experience, money, additional challenges. This is what the alliances will offer you. So, ready to find out what’s coming up for you?

Dial 911, what are the alliances?

Before getting to the heart of the matter and, in particular, into the section devoted to the functioning, it is important to have a clear and precise definition of the alliances. “What is it about? ». Alliances allow Dial 911 players to unite for a common cause. This cause is the mission.

The missions proposed in the “Alliances” tab are similar to the ones you are used to managing. However, some of these missions may surprise you with their rarity in the game.

Thus, players who form an alliance will have to complete their mission within the time limit. If successful, they will gain new earnings and experience specific to alliances.

As you will have understood, Dial 911 alliances are a small world apart that makes the game more dynamic and allows you to play online with other gamers. The opportunity to get to know the other Dial 911 players is yours in other words!

Dial 911 Alliances, where to start?

Be aware that the functioning of alliance missions is, more or less, identical to the one of your initial game.

To discover the alliances and get started, go to the dedicated tab. See the image below. Set the basic screen image with arrow to the “Alliances” section.


All good? Are you there now? In this case, click on the tab. A screen with the list of alliances should appear in front of you.

From that moment on, you have two choices. You can create your own alliance or integrate a pre-existing one, created by your gamer counterparts. Let’s take one case at a time.

Creating your own alliance

As we have just told you, the player has the opportunity to create his own alliance, his own team that he will take to the field in order to carry out the specific missions that will be proposed to him.

To do this, simply click on “create an alliance”. At this point, you will be asked to identify a number of elements. First, you will need to find a name for your alliance. Let your imagination run wild, but keep in mind that the more thoughtful and attractive it is, the more gamers will want to join your cause. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a good first impression!

The next step will be to define whether your alliance is open or closed. In the first case, any player can join your alliance, as long as he meets the entry conditions you will determine later.

The closed alliance allows the league’s creator player to accept the gamers he wants to be part of his team. You alone decide who is part of the band, in other words.

Third step: defining the minimum entry level. Would you like to set up a team open to new people? Or only to the elders? The choice is yours. You can, for example, decide to climb the ladder together with your team of new players or, conversely, if you are a proven gamer, choose to create a team of experienced and skilled players who will be able to take charge of all the missions proposed to them and carry them out successfully.


Take into account that a high level player is a regular player. This (almost) assures you that he will be operational when the time comes and that he will not let you down. However, it is important to give beginners a chance too, even if they only own a small number of vehicles to make available to you. We’ve all been through this at some point, remember?

The next step will be to define an entry price. Each player who wants to join your team must pay the amount you will have determined. Here again, prior reflection is required. Because the decision you make will affect the composition of your team.

Imagine that you only require a small amount of money to enter your alliance: you will obviously attract gamers, but will you be sure to be able to count on them under all circumstances? Because, your low price will, without a doubt, attract newcomers. Over time, they may lose interest in alliances and focus only on their own game. On the other hand, defining a low entry cost allows you to set up a team quickly, but also to give newcomers a chance.

“What if I decide to set a high entrance fee? ». Once again, this case has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages: you will, in fact, attract motivated gamers who are willing to pay to join a reliable and present team. Also, you will undoubtedly attract experienced players, as it is them who have the most funds to invest.

“What about the inconveniences in all this? ». It goes without saying that a high price will limit the number of your future team members. Many players will prefer to create their own alliance or join an alliance with a a lower entry fee. As a result, the recruitment session will take you more time.


Once you have determined these conditions, all you will have to do is add a description of your alliance before you start. Again, take a few minutes to think about the description of your alliance. Because, that’s one of the first things gamers will see. If your entrance fee is high, this short text should make them want to join you and build a solid and reliable team at your side. Put your personality into it to allow the players to get to know you a little bit and to get an idea of what awaits them.

One must know that creating an alliance will cost 150 bills. The price of independence in other words!

Join an alliance

You may not immediately want to create your own alliance. No problem, because you have the possibility to join an open alliance, created by the other Dial 911 players. To do this, simply go to the “Alliances” sub-tab.P


Have you reached the sub-tab in question? Very well. In this case, a list of potential alliances should appear before you. Some are closed, which means that the alliance leader will have to validate your integration before you can join the team. Others are open and do not require validation by the alliance creator. You can start by joining an open alliance, but in many cases closed alliances are much more active and, indeed, effective.

Thus, and as explained above in the context of the creation of the alliance, each alliance in front of you has its own entry requirements: minimum level, entry price… Also take into account the maximum number of players. This figure is determined by the creator. He can, if he wishes, recruit more people and thus increase the number of players who can be integrated into his team.

As a gamer, you have accesse to alot of information about each alliance. To consult it, simply click on the alliance you are interested in.

You can then consult the type of alliance (open or closed), the number of interventions it has carried out, the price it will cost you if you decide to join it, its description, its experience, its earnings and its cash flow. All these indications are valuable, as they provides you with information on the alliance’s activity and its presence in the field. Only an active alliance will allow you to move up the ladder quickly and gain maximum funds and experience. So, go around the alliances, and try to find the one that acts the most on the ground for a price that seems reasonable to you.

Youu must know that, you can, at any time, decide to leave the alliance you have joined.

Dial 911 Alliances, time to play!

That’s it! ! You are now part of an alliance or you have just founded your own team. Now it’s time to get down to business and put your operator skills to the test by going to the field.


Here again, two different scenarios depending on your status within the alliance (creator or recruited).

You have created your own alliance

If you have created your own alliance, it will be up to you to launch the missions! And this is not to be taken lightly because, if your recruits have chosen to join you, it is because they have felt that you are a dynamic leader and that you will launch as many missions as possible. Thus, it is your duty to be responsive and not to disappoint them. Otherwise, you may see valuable agents leave your team!

So how do you launch a mission? In the last tab of your alliance


several missions will be proposed to you. It’s up to you to choose the one that inspires you the most. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is click on “launch”. From this point on, you should see an “alert” message with a small gauge next to your “details” tab. This means that the mission is active and that the time has come to send agents to the field.

So, click on this famous “details” tab.P

Are you there? Perfect. In this case, you have undoubtedly realized that your mission is more complex than the missions of your personal game. Indeed, and unlike the solo game, no indication is given you as to the nature of the professionals to be sent onto the site. It is you, as the leader of your faction, who will have to assess the situation and determine, depending on the mission, which professionals are best able to resolve the situation.


We are here on a “Security Service” mission. It is therefore advisable to send a professional from each barracks and department (police, fire brigade and hospital) to the site. Why? Because, it is very probable that people are hurt. A firefighter or ambulance driver is, in fact, essential. Moreover, when you say “security”, you necessarily mean “police officer”. So, make sure you have your back and don’t hesitate to send more agents out than needed! However, keep some for your personal missions. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket!

Finally, and as you may have seen in the previous picture, you have a limited time to complete your mission. This time is around 12 hours. This leaves you with plenty of time to carry out your alliance missions without stress. However, do not procrastinate too much, as you may forget your mission. This will be lost and you will lose potential gains and credibility with your team, which will have made its agents available to you.

Once the agents have been selected and hired, your decisions are taken into account, in the same way as during your personal missions. Remember to monitor the progress of your alliance missions to send reinforcements when needed and within the time frame.

You have joined an alliance

It is, more or less, the same ting as previously presented. The difference is that you don’t have the reins of the alliance. However, as a member of an alliance, you have a very important role to play. Let us take a closer look at all of this.


When you are part of an alliance, you must wait for your faction leader to launch a mission. When he does, it is your duty to be responsive. At this point in the game, you are told that your leader needs reinforcement. You are asked to take action and come and help your team. Of course, it is recommended to do so if you want to maximize your chances of winning, but also if you do not want to be fired from your team. Indeed, alliance leaders may decide to fire you if you are not active enough and do not do the job!