Dial 911: how to use your money wisely?

Coins and banknotes are of paramount importance in Dial 911. These are won at the end of each mission, at the next level and allow you to invest in vehicles, new buildings, increase your staff, improve your buildings, expand your garage, treat yourself in the shop and complete missions more quickly.

As you will have understood, Dial 911’s coins and banknotes make it possible to carry out a wide range of different actions and to evolve in one’s game in thousands of possible ways. And it is, moreover, this vast offer of possibilities that makes the game more complex. Dial 911 wouldnt’t be so fun if it was too easy either, wouldn’t it ? Thus, it is useful and particularly important to invest your money in a thoughtful way, so that the investment has the greatest and most effective impact possible. “All right, but how do we do that? What is it best to buy? “Good questions! Focus on the best ways to use your money in Dial 911 according to your progress in the game.

Dial 911: invest according to your situation and difficulties

For each situation, at each stage of the game, there are useful and relevant investments of their own. The first question to ask yourself is the following one: what are the current obstacles that you are facing? Different examples to illustrate the most common situations.

1 – A number of missions at half mast

You may sometimes not have the amount of missions that you would like to have. While some will see these passages of the game as moments of relief, others will analyze them as periods of time during which the player loses potential money, failing to have a full range of missions to work on. What solutions to this problem?


As a gamer, you have several possibilities to multiply your interventions and optimize your playing time. To do this, the player can, first of all, invest in new buildings. Fire station, police station, hospital…. Multiplying the number of buildings, placing oneself in still virgin areas increases the number of potential interventions.

The other solution lies in the Dial 911 shop. Indeed, gamers have the possibility to buy packs that double the number of interventions for one hour, three hours or more. A real investment as the purchase of intervention packs makes it possible to observe a rapid return and to make considerable profits in a short period of time.

2 – Don’t skimp on the staff

Many of us are players who invest in as many buildings as possible to multiply our number of interventions, as illustrated above. However, as good as this strategy is, it has its limitations. These limits lie at the staff level. Indeed, it often happens that gamers have a large number of barracks and police stations, but they do not have enough staff to carry out all the interventions offered to them. Thus, the question arises, quite naturally, as to why own a large number of buildings if you do not have the number of agents necessary to fill them with.


Thus, and to profit of all the potential of one’ s buildings, it is recommended to ensure that the maximum number of officers within each barracks and each police station is reached. Don’t miss out on high-gain interventions because you haven’t thought about arming your buildings with the right number of agents. In addition to losing money, not being able to cover all the proposed interventions is particularly frustrating.

3 – Do you have all the necessary vehicles?

Dial 911’s experienced players already know this, but a recall never hurts. The success of the interventions depends on the vehicles you send on site. Each intervention is different and requires its own vehicles and personnel. In addition to the difficulty of guessing, at first, which car or truck to send out on the intervention, it may happen that the player that you are does not have the necessary vehicle to send in support according to the needs on the spot and the scale of the situation.


To avoid being stuck in your mission because you don’t have the right vehicles, it is strongly recommended to focus on diversity. Start by buying one vehicle in each category when you build a new building. However, it is good to know that it is the VSAVs, BALs, PAMs and VPIs that are the most solicited and most needed. If you don’t have enough money to invest in one vehicle of each model, start with the ones mentioned above.

4 – Don’t leave the finishings of your buildings lying around

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, multiplying one’ s buildings makes it possible to increase the number of interventions and, in this way, gain a maximum amount of money and experience. However, the buildings purchased are of little use when they are being prepared and finished. This way, and as you may already know, you have the opportunity to complete the construction of your buildings instantly. To do this, simply click on the building you have just established and choose to benefit from it immediately. While it is true that the price of imminent finishing represents a real cost, it should be noted that this option makes it possible to make your buildings profitable right away. On the other hand, the player who wishes to be patient before benefiting of his / her new buildings will first have invested money in a structure that will not be profitable to him / her in the immediate future. So, you might as well optimize your purchase quickly, right?

5 – Don’t forget to improve your buildings!

While it is recommended to own as many buildings as possible and to scatter them carefully in order to cover as much land as possible, it is important to remember to take care of your buildings and to raise them to new levels. Indeed, the newcomers will notice, within the tab of their building, that they have the opportunity to improve their building. This improvement makes it possible to accommodate a larger number of vehicles and, as you will have understood, to cover more ground.


Therefore, before investing in new buildings, it is strongly recommended to optimize the buildings you already own and ensure that they are at their maximum capacity.
Optimizing your buildings is cheaper than buying new ones and allows you to accept and manage an increasing number of interventions. So take 15 minutes to make sure all your buildings are at maximum level.

6 – End the missions you are stuck on

Whether it is due to a lack of vehicles, a lack of personnel or the complexity of the task, it happens that the mission, the intervention you are on, exceeds you. There’s nothing wrong with that. These are things that happen. However, it should be noted that the missions that give you the most trouble are the ones that bring you the most in terms of coins. Thus, if you have a few green notes with which you do not know what to do, it is recommended to complete your mission via the “paying” option that is available. Why? Because, you will undoubtedly have spent a lot of time on the mission in question.


It would be a pity if your time was entirely lost and unprofitable. Thus, do not hesitate to finish your mission with your small green bills when the intervention appears to be too complex, interminable or when you do not have the vehicles and / or the staff necessary for its completion.

7 – Give your agents the means to go on site

Quite often, the players that we are have more agents than vehicles. One must note that these vehicles can carry a limited number of agents. Also, professionals who are left behind can be blocked at the barracks or at the police station if they do not have a vehicle at their disposal. Also, and always in order to optimize your time and upstream investments, it is strongly recommended to ensure that the number of cars and trucks you have is high enough so that all the officers in your unit can be useful. As you will have understood: having many agents is fine, but it is even better when they are able to go on site and bring you money and experience!

8 – The shop

If you are convinced that you have optimized all aspects of your game in good and due form, why not use some of your money in the shop. At your disposal: packs that allow you to multiply the experience acquired, the gains, the interventions, to see the necessary means needed for your interventions in order to carry them out quickly…


This will spice up your Dial 911 game in good and proper form, increase your fun, help you progress more quickly and deploy your teams in more areas.
The packs make it easier to reach a higher level. Convenient when you are about to unlock new vehicles and buildings by moving to the next level. Less frustration in other words!
However, it is strongly recommended to invest in one of these packs when you have time to devote to your game. Indeed, the life span of these packs varies between one and 48 hours. Make sure you have the required time in front of you to fully profit of your game!

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