New version 2.41

Since the 24th of September need to be serviced to be operational.
It’s the first part of the update which will be improved soon.
Indeed, for the moment we are finding the best way to make visible the vehicles which they must be serviced.
You can help us by making suggestions on the forum  (
Be careful with the long distances for example when you send unit for an alliance mission, it can bring you many breakdowns !
Tow Trucks are essential in each service, in fact, even if you don’t have them your vehicles can breakdown

At the moment the servicing are free but they will cost coins in future!


Each vehicle will now keep in memory his mileage since its entry into service and since its last servicing to set a failure rate.

The mileage will be based on the distances traveled and updated only when the vehicle arrives at the destination.

To send a vehicle to workshop, a button “Servicing” is now available next to the “Transfer” one

The failure rate is evaluated on each vehicle in its station on the base of the total mileage of the vehicle and the mileage since the last servicing. 

The failure rate is defined by x% to breakdown on the base of a basic formula x=total/a+last servicing/b with a = 10,000 and b = 1,000.

Then it will have an additional 1% chance of breakdown every 10,000 miles and an additional 1% chance of breakdown every 1000 km since the last servicing…

If it catches the 10,000 first miles without a servicing, the vehicle will have 11% risk to breakdown.

If it goes to workshop regularly, ideally every 1000 miles to limit the failure rate to 2% maximum, it will be quiet for a while.

But as the total mileage advances, as soon as it reaches 100,000 miles for example, it will automatically have an 11% chance of breaking down whatever the date of the last service. The 11% risk to breakdown is combined with the failure risk explained before.

This should incite you to replace aging vehicles that breaks down more and more. If a breakdown occurs when the vehicle leaves, a popup appears indicating “vehicle xxx has broken down and could not go to the mission send a vehicle to repair it and project a servicing soon as possible”

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