Staffing needed for each vehicle

I wanted to create a list of staffing needed for each vehicle so that you can prepare for your next vehicle purchase, instead of buying the vehicle first, and getting the dreaded not enough staff message.

Any I’m missing, don’t hesitate to let me know!


Engine- 5
Truck- 5
Chief- 1
Command Van- 2
Hazmat Auxiliary- 2
Hazmat- 4
Tanker- 2
Rescue- 4
Squad- 5
RAC- 2
Tiller- ?


Patrol: 2
DEA: 2
ATF: 2
Supervisor: 1
Marshal: 2
K9: 1
FBI: 2
Helicopter: 2
Sheriff: 1


EMS: 2
Helicopter: 2
Captain: 1
Supervisor: 1

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