Dial-911: overview of news and tips! – Part 1

Hello everybody ! All the team of Dial-911 is happy to be back with a brand new article. Today, we are going to give you some tips to help you optimize your game in no time. We will also introduce the novelties that have been added to the game. Let’s go!

Dial-911: tips to improve your playing technique!

Let’s talk about tips! You are very likely to have found many yourself during your game. However, it is impossible for a player to get hold of all them in a oner! This is where we intervene! Our rôle consists in helping you improve your playing techniques to maximize profits and fun!

1 – Expand the locker room

Your buildings have become important establishments ? As a result, you should have decided to recruit staff in order to cope with the missions that are getting more numerous and more complicated along time. To hire more agents, the simplest solution consists in improving one’s building, which will enable you to recruit more people. But you may not have enough money to achieve this transformation. Yes, we must admit that the expansions are not all cheap. « So, what can we do ? » Go to the “staff” tab. On your right, a small tab proposes you to expand your locker. Once the transformation made, you will be able to hire more people, and fill your cars up with agents. See, all that without having to spend thousands in the improvement of your buildings! Not bas, eh?

2 – Destroying buildings

Let’s face it: we are all a little crazy when we put our hands on a new game! In the case of Dial-911, this craziness is reflected by the construction of buildings everywhere on our map. And yes, we want to dominate the world! However, a time comes when we no longer have the necessary funds to improve or buy anything anymore. You then realize that you havn’t focused enough on what you should have, which is to say fewer areas in order to grow your activity in a few towns in an efficient manner. Do not worry, each problem has a solution. All you need to do is to destroy the concerned buildings, which will enable you to get some money back into your pocket. “I just destroyed a few of my buildings, but the missions in which they were involved are still there. Knowing that I have no more cars in that town, I wont be able to finish them! What can I do ?! “. No worries ! Once again, a tip will save the day … Have some notes in stock? Luckily you have, and you’re going to need them! To complete your missions related to the destroyed buildings and earn the money and the experience that goes with them, you will have to pay with your notes to finish the concerned missions. If you do not have enough notes, just buy a few.

3 – Earning notes …

If you have been having fun with Dial-911 for some time, you have no doubt realized that money is essential for the evolution of your game! Successful missions entitle you to coins, that enable you to move on with your game. However, the famous notes, that one can see as little keys that open all locks, are not free. However, it is important to know that the game will actually give you some every time you gain a level! Obviously buying a few notes can quickly unlock Dial-911 situations, but if you do not want to pay, just be patient!

4 – A more accurate gauge

So far, the level gauge enabled you to get a vague idea of the scope of tasks that you needed to achieve in order to get to the next level. But that was before. Because the gauge is now more accurate. Players now know the needed number of units that will allow them to gain a level. Less frustration in other words!

5 – Expading the garage

In the same way as the locker room, it is possible to expand one’s garage in order to buy a larger number of vehicles, and this, without improving one’s building. As a result, one will have a larger number of mobile agents available and will be more efficient during missions! And who says efficiency, says cash!

6 – Car tip

At the beginning, we often tend to manage our game as complications arise. But over time, we learn to anticipate! Take the example of missions that require reinforcements …. “Is there a way to know how many cars will be needed ? One is never sure of anything, however, some clues allow us to have a more or less precise idea of the answer… Your cars and your missions have a status that is represented by a number. Your goal is to match the status of your car with the one of the mission on which you are about to send it. The status of your vehicle can be higher than the one of your mission. Howerver, doing this will assure you the success of your intervention.

That’s all for today friends. The team of Dial-911 will soon be back with the second part of tips and news!

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