Dial-911: buying new vehicles

You may have already realized that vehicles in Dial-911 are the essential tool to manage your missions in due form. The more cars you will have, the more numerous will be the missions that you will be able to take in charge. Thus, you will be cashing in more money! As you have now understood : you must own as many vehicles as possible. But how? That is what we are going to explain !

Vehicles for each building

You have started your game. So, you must have bought your first building. At this time of the game, you have two vehicles, no more, no less. But it is far enough to begin with. However, as your level goes up and while you’re cashing in money, you’ll notice that the missions are become more and numerous, but unfortunately you can not take them all in charge, and that is due to you little number of vehicles. So how can you get more cars? Above all, you should know that each building has its own vehicles, which means you’ll have to buy cars for each institution. Imagine, in the same way as your humble editor, that you chose the police to start off your game. Your first building is the police station. Click on the orange building button at the bottom right of your screen, then again on your building. You’re there, right? In this case, you should see come up a screen with three tabs named “information” “vehicles” and “staff”.

Conversely to what one might think, this is not the only ‘vehicle’ tab which will interest us here. To start with, let’s take a good look at the “Information” tab. What do you see ? The info that should draw you eye here concerns the number of vehicles in your possession and the number that you can potentially get. This information is under your level (see image below).

Three scenarios

You’ve found it? Good. In our case, our police station can have 4 vehicles maximum, and we only have only 2. So we can become the happy owner of two brand new cars! You are in the same situation? Then go to the “vehicle” tab. You should see a button “buy a car”. No need to say that you must click on it. Mission accomplished ? Perfect. Appears before you the cars you can get. In our case, we do not have the possibility to buy anymore, and it may be the same for you! ” Why ? ” Because you have not reached the required level yet! Patience!

You must not be discouraged! You will have to carry on saving innocents until you reach the right level! It’s only a matter of time. And even if you have to refuse missions since you have not got enough cars, you must continue to persevere. You will soon be at the right level. And you will, when the time comes, be able to grow your brigade’s strike force! Patience young Padawan!

Other scenario: you can not buy cars because your squad already has the maximum number of cars. Nothing to worry about. Moreover, you will not need to gain levels to put an end to this problem. In fact, you only need to improve your building! “How can i do that? “. No panic, we’re getting there! Simply go to the “information” screen of your building, and click on the sum which is necessary to improve your institution (see the photo below). It’s done ? In this case, you should now be able to buy new cars!

You have access to new vehicles without having to perform any of the manipulations above? Lucky you! In that case, just make your choice! Be careful though to make the right one: no worries, all vehicles will help you achieve your missions, however, some are more powerful than others. Some are also larger than others, and can carry a larger number of agents. More officers means that you are more likely to succeed quickly. The sooner you achieve you mission, the faster you’ll earn money. You will be able to upgrade your base more quickly! PRODUCTIVITY !

Another point to consider: the variety of your cars. Indeed, you must be careful to have several vehicles of various types. If you have also chosen the police at the beginning of your game, you are the owner of a BT1 and a BT2. However, some missions will require PS1 or PS2 types of cars. So be sure to have a large enough variety of vehicles and buildings to be able yo handle all the missions you are offered.

Wait or use your notes

“Why can’t i use the cars i’ve just bought? “. You might have missed a primordial information: the time needed for them to be ready to hit the road. You can find this piece of information next to the car’s price. In our case, we are going to have to wait 3 hours. However, you also have the option to pay to save time (20 notes in our case). The choice is yours!

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