Dial-911: the little things that you’ve missed… – Part 2

We are back with the second part of “Dial-911: the little things that you’ve missed.” As a reminder, the first article dedicated to the same subject, was written in order to give you the keys to become a skilled player. How? Thanks to tips and tricks that you may not have had the opportunity to discover on your own. Thus, we want to help you progress in your game by highlighting the small things, that you might have missed. Focus.

Dial-911 chat: have you found it?

At the beginning of a new game, most players want to start their game alone, to explore unknown lands themselves without asking help from anyone. However, a time comes when you wonder if the other players are’nt doing better than you are. And if they are, how ? What are their technics? Have they discovered things you have not? How are their missions going? Many unanswered questions come to you. Thus, bit by bit, you may want to talk to other players, to compare yourself to them and exchange information. To do this, Dial-911 set up a chat. Yes, you read correctly ! We admit that the button that makes it available is quite discreet; we don’t want to visually pollute, no need to say! So where is the chat? Look closely between your money notes and the button used to manage your buildings. You should normally see a small arrow. Click on it. Yes, you’ve finally found the chat! You can now interact with all the players of the game. Have fun ;).

Vehicles: another way to manage them

During your game, you must send vehicles out to handle your missions here and there on the map. If you are doing this, it means that you understand the purpose of the game (humor). Jokes aside, did you know that all your vehicles on your map are not necessarily trying to save the widow and the orphan? Yes, they may be doing nothing at all! To find out, simply click on the vehicle you want. Is it on the road on the way to accomplish a mission, or is it awaiting your orders at the local coffee shop? Anyway, you can send the car on the mission of your choice according to its status. You can also recall a vehicle on its way to a mission and redirect it on another one if that is your wish. Thus, this technic allows to play an active game, and gives players the ability to optimize the use and the productivity of their vehicles, without having to go through the different screens. Not bad!, isnt it?

By the way, clicking on a car directly on the map allows you to be aware of a number of details relating to it. Indeed, in addition to whether the vehicle is on a mission or not, this tip allows you to take note of the number of people who are in the vehicle, the type of car it is and the institution to which it is attached!

A wider choice of buildings depending on your level

You may have noticed that at the beginning of your game, your choice in buildings is limited. Many players also wonder whether other construction possibilities will arrive as time goes. The answer to this question is yes! Fortunately! The more levels you gain, the more potential buildings you get access to. The better you get, the bigger the choices are. So do not get discouraged yourself to quick when seeing the small number of buildings, remember that your motivation and your determination will give you access to a richer game. In other words: the more you persevere, the more you will enjoy Dial-911!

Choosing the appropriate car

Your device rings to warn you that a mission awaits. You press the little orange triangle on the bottom left of your screen to find out what it is actually about. So far, so good. Like most players, you may send the first vehicle that appears in your list of possibilities. In this case, you are missing a very important piece of information. What is it ? If you take the time to look closer at your mission screen, you will find out that the game tells you what type of vehicle is needed, and the number of them it will take to make you succeed. Indeed, you might need to send one or two police vehicles or an amublance. If you do not pay attention to these pieces of information, note that your mission will only be more complicated to finish. Many players send out one or two random vehicles and don’t understand why reinforcements are needed. These players then send out all their vehicles to make sure that their mission ends well. But meanwhile, other missions are proposed. Two choices are available in this case: either you recall other vehicles and send them on the new mission, or you cary on with what you are doing, noting that that mission might have made you gain more money than the one you are curently working so hard on. So if you take the time to analyze the need in agents upstream, you will optimize your game and lose less time, and therefore, gain more money!

We hope these little tips will help you improve your playing technics. See you soon in the next article ;).

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