Dial 911: how to use your money wisely?

Coins and banknotes are of paramount importance in Dial 911. These are won at the end of each mission, at the next level and allow you to invest in vehicles, new buildings, increase your staff, improve your buildings, expand your garage, treat yourself in the shop and complete missions more quickly.

As you will have understood, Dial 911’s coins and banknotes make it possible to carry out a wide range of different actions and to evolve in one’s game in thousands of possible ways. And it is, moreover, this vast offer of possibilities that makes the game more complex. Dial 911 wouldnt’t be so fun if it was too easy either, wouldn’t it ? Thus, it is useful and particularly important to invest your money in a thoughtful way, so that the investment has the greatest and most effective impact possible. « All right, but how do we do that? What is it best to buy? « Good questions! Focus on the best ways to use your money in Dial 911 according to your progress in the game.

Dial 911: invest according to your situation and difficulties

For each situation, at each stage of the game, there are useful and relevant investments of their own. The first question to ask yourself is the following one: what are the current obstacles that you are facing? Different examples to illustrate the most common situations.

1 – A number of missions at half mast

You may sometimes not have the amount of missions that you would like to have. While some will see these passages of the game as moments of relief, others will analyze them as periods of time during which the player loses potential money, failing to have a full range of missions to work on. What solutions to this problem?


As a gamer, you have several possibilities to multiply your interventions and optimize your playing time. To do this, the player can, first of all, invest in new buildings. Fire station, police station, hospital…. Multiplying the number of buildings, placing oneself in still virgin areas increases the number of potential interventions.

The other solution lies in the Dial 911 shop. Indeed, gamers have the possibility to buy packs that double the number of interventions for one hour, three hours or more. A real investment as the purchase of intervention packs makes it possible to observe a rapid return and to make considerable profits in a short period of time.

2 – Don’t skimp on the staff

Many of us are players who invest in as many buildings as possible to multiply our number of interventions, as illustrated above. However, as good as this strategy is, it has its limitations. These limits lie at the staff level. Indeed, it often happens that gamers have a large number of barracks and police stations, but they do not have enough staff to carry out all the interventions offered to them. Thus, the question arises, quite naturally, as to why own a large number of buildings if you do not have the number of agents necessary to fill them with.


Thus, and to profit of all the potential of one’ s buildings, it is recommended to ensure that the maximum number of officers within each barracks and each police station is reached. Don’t miss out on high-gain interventions because you haven’t thought about arming your buildings with the right number of agents. In addition to losing money, not being able to cover all the proposed interventions is particularly frustrating.

3 – Do you have all the necessary vehicles?

Dial 911’s experienced players already know this, but a recall never hurts. The success of the interventions depends on the vehicles you send on site. Each intervention is different and requires its own vehicles and personnel. In addition to the difficulty of guessing, at first, which car or truck to send out on the intervention, it may happen that the player that you are does not have the necessary vehicle to send in support according to the needs on the spot and the scale of the situation.


To avoid being stuck in your mission because you don’t have the right vehicles, it is strongly recommended to focus on diversity. Start by buying one vehicle in each category when you build a new building. However, it is good to know that it is the VSAVs, BALs, PAMs and VPIs that are the most solicited and most needed. If you don’t have enough money to invest in one vehicle of each model, start with the ones mentioned above.

4 – Don’t leave the finishings of your buildings lying around

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, multiplying one’ s buildings makes it possible to increase the number of interventions and, in this way, gain a maximum amount of money and experience. However, the buildings purchased are of little use when they are being prepared and finished. This way, and as you may already know, you have the opportunity to complete the construction of your buildings instantly. To do this, simply click on the building you have just established and choose to benefit from it immediately. While it is true that the price of imminent finishing represents a real cost, it should be noted that this option makes it possible to make your buildings profitable right away. On the other hand, the player who wishes to be patient before benefiting of his / her new buildings will first have invested money in a structure that will not be profitable to him / her in the immediate future. So, you might as well optimize your purchase quickly, right?

5 – Don’t forget to improve your buildings!

While it is recommended to own as many buildings as possible and to scatter them carefully in order to cover as much land as possible, it is important to remember to take care of your buildings and to raise them to new levels. Indeed, the newcomers will notice, within the tab of their building, that they have the opportunity to improve their building. This improvement makes it possible to accommodate a larger number of vehicles and, as you will have understood, to cover more ground.


Therefore, before investing in new buildings, it is strongly recommended to optimize the buildings you already own and ensure that they are at their maximum capacity.
Optimizing your buildings is cheaper than buying new ones and allows you to accept and manage an increasing number of interventions. So take 15 minutes to make sure all your buildings are at maximum level.

6 – End the missions you are stuck on

Whether it is due to a lack of vehicles, a lack of personnel or the complexity of the task, it happens that the mission, the intervention you are on, exceeds you. There’s nothing wrong with that. These are things that happen. However, it should be noted that the missions that give you the most trouble are the ones that bring you the most in terms of coins. Thus, if you have a few green notes with which you do not know what to do, it is recommended to complete your mission via the « paying » option that is available. Why? Because, you will undoubtedly have spent a lot of time on the mission in question.


It would be a pity if your time was entirely lost and unprofitable. Thus, do not hesitate to finish your mission with your small green bills when the intervention appears to be too complex, interminable or when you do not have the vehicles and / or the staff necessary for its completion.

7 – Give your agents the means to go on site

Quite often, the players that we are have more agents than vehicles. One must note that these vehicles can carry a limited number of agents. Also, professionals who are left behind can be blocked at the barracks or at the police station if they do not have a vehicle at their disposal. Also, and always in order to optimize your time and upstream investments, it is strongly recommended to ensure that the number of cars and trucks you have is high enough so that all the officers in your unit can be useful. As you will have understood: having many agents is fine, but it is even better when they are able to go on site and bring you money and experience!

8 – The shop

If you are convinced that you have optimized all aspects of your game in good and due form, why not use some of your money in the shop. At your disposal: packs that allow you to multiply the experience acquired, the gains, the interventions, to see the necessary means needed for your interventions in order to carry them out quickly…


This will spice up your Dial 911 game in good and proper form, increase your fun, help you progress more quickly and deploy your teams in more areas.
The packs make it easier to reach a higher level. Convenient when you are about to unlock new vehicles and buildings by moving to the next level. Less frustration in other words!
However, it is strongly recommended to invest in one of these packs when you have time to devote to your game. Indeed, the life span of these packs varies between one and 48 hours. Make sure you have the required time in front of you to fully profit of your game!

Focus on Dial 911 extensions’

As indicated in one of our previous articles in which we focused on the vehicles to unlock and the levels to reach, Dial 911 extensions are, in turn, necessary to evolve in the game and to acquire specific cars and trucks. In the same way, the acquisition of extensions makes it possible to multiply missions and earn more money. You have not yet had the opportunity to discover Dial 911’s extensions, their usefulness? You don’t know how to get them yet? Don’t panic! The editorial team answers all your questions in this new article.

Dial 911 extensions: what are they?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it seems important, if not essential, to define what Dial 911 extensions are. The extensions of the game are specific to each management building. Yes, you read it right. Barracks, gendarmeries, police stations and hospitals are not affected by the extensions. These allow you, as a player, to acquire new vehicles. Cars and trucks that require you to purchase the prerequisite indicated next to their title before putting your agents behind their wheel. We advise you to take a look at the vehicles available for purchase in your management buildings to see which machines are accessible by purchasing an extension.

Dial 911 extensions

You must know that these new vehicles will allow you to take on new missions. Specific missions that generate more profit. Thus, and as you will have understood, Dial 911 extensions are fully-fledged investments that allow you to multiply your cash flow.

Note that Dial 911 extensions become available as you level up. Impossible to get them right away. You will have to be patient, and above all, persistent.

Dial 911 extensions: focus on police management

As indicated above, for each directorate, its own extensions. What about the police officers?

10.This is the number of extensions you will be able to unlock and buy for your police department. The workshop, the BAC, the motorized brigade and the Judicial Police are accessible to the player before level 30. As for the others, you will have to hold on a little longer and carry out as many missions as possible to quickly climb the ladder! Let us take a closer look at all of this.

Have you reached level 30? Very well. In this case, you should be able to acquire the command extension.

Dial 911 extensions

From level 40 onwards, you will be able to obtain the CIC, the information and command centre. But that’s not all. Indeed, you will also be able to take over the rapid intervention team.

When the player reaches level 50, he can buy the technical and scientific police. With a little extra patience and will, you will reach level 55 in no time at all, which will unlock your access to the NPIF, the national police intervention force.

The final step consists in reaching level 60 to get the RSC extension, the Republican Security Company. From that moment on, (almost) nothing and no one will be able to stop you!

Dial 911 extensions: focus on fire brigade direction

The extensions work in the same way for firefighters. What varies are the levels you need to reach to unlock them as you progress through the game. So, what will you be able to get soon?

Dial 911 extensions

The workshop and the command are available to the player before his ascent to level 30. So, remember to take a look at your extensions section when the time comes.

What about the other extensions?

From level 30, the Dial 911 player will be able to acquire the logistics and support extensions. Shortly afterwards, at level 35, the forest fire extension will be made available to you.

Have you reached level 40? Good news! Because, you can, from now on, get the 35M and specialty extensions.

The final stretch is coming faster than for the police. Indeed, once the player has reached level 45, he will have to invest in the last extension: special fires.

Dial 911 extensions: and what about the health department in all this?

In the same way as the fire and police departments, the health department is also equipped with extensions that feed your game.

Players will be happy to know that most of the extensions of the health department are unlocked before level 30. Yes, yes, you read it right. These are the ambulance, workshop and EMS extensions. Easy, isn’t it?

Dial 911 extensions

Other good news: you won’t have to wait long to unlock the last extension. Indeed, you will only have to reach level 30 to buy the command extension.

Which vehicles for which extensions?

You will now have understood: special vehicles require investment in the pre-required extensions to get them. But what vehicles and trucks are we talking about?

Among the police officers

Six vehicles and motorcycles require the purchase of extensions available before level 30 to be able to afford them. This is the case for TV, TC, BAC, OPJ and Motorcycle vehicles.

As mentioned above, they are easily accessible and you will only need a little perseverance to get them.

In the fire department

The case is similar on the fire brigade side. Because the necessary extensions for the purchase of special vehicles are available between level 25 and level 30.

We refer to VBS, VLHR, VTU, CCGC, EPC24, EPC18 and VLCG.

Dial 911 extensions: some details

In the same way as buildings and vehicles, extensions, in turn, need time to be operational. As you will have noticed, the buildings you buy, build, and the cars and trucks you buy take, on average, 8 hours to be ready for use. The rule remains the same for extensions. And, in the same way, you have the opportunity to accelerate their development. To do this, you will have to be willing to spend a few green notes, but it is well worth it! Yes, because your game will be greatly boosted. This new dynamic is reflected in the number of new missions that will be offered to you. Also, buying extensions is the best way to renew your game and give it a good boost. Because the purchase of extensions is one of the main ways to diversify your missions and discover the game in a different way. On the other hand, and by playing hard, you gamers will be aware of all the vehicles and their features. Newness is good, so let yourself be surprised!

To further explore the subject and make sure you have all the knowledge you need to progress as quickly as possible (especially regarding the purchase of vehicles, trucks, but also regarding their unlocking as the game progresses) we strongly recommend that you take a short 15-minute break to read our previous article entitled Dial 911: How to unlock the game’s elements?

It’s up to you now!

See you soon with the Gamorsec team for new gaming tips!

Dial-911: ready to play – Part 2

Here we are, back with the second part of « ready to play. » Little reminder : this article intends to help you start you game efficiently. In this second guide, we’ll cover several aspects, including the possibility to hire staff. In the same way as in the first article, we will say that you chose the police to start of with. Focus

Improving your buildings

In our first article, we told you that you could improve your buildings on several points. The time has come to see how and give you all the keys to become a true master of Dial-911.

Have you ever taken the time to explore the different tabs in the options of your buildings? No ? You should check it out then. Click on the small building shaped button at the bottom right of your screen. Your list of buildings opens. Click on the police station for instance. Before you, the details of your building. The first page contains the most important information: the level, the number of vehicles and the staff. Below, one can see the button « Improve » and the number of coins or notes one needs to be able to improve his/her structure. « Why improve my building? « . Very good question ! Indeed, one could think that once the building bought, nothing remains to do. That would be a shame! Dial-911 would lose a part of its fun! To answer our question: improving your building enables you to gain levels. You therefore have the opportunity to host more vehicles and staff, and, as a result, cover more ground, accept more missions, earn more money to build more buildings . The opportunity to have fun, in other words!

The time has come to explore the opportunities that the « vehicles » and « staff » tabs offer.

The vehicle tab

You building level is higher because you have decided to improve it? In this case, you should have the possibility to purchase new vehicles.

However, beware! As said above, the number of vehicles you can have depends on the level of your building. In our case, we only have two vehicles, but we are told (top left) that we can have 5. Click on « Buy a vehicle ». Done ? In front of you comes up the vehicles you can buy. At Level 4, you should have access to PS and VLU cars. Each costs 20,000 (PS) and 25,000 coins (VLU). You also have the opportunity to become the proud owner of an additional vehicle in exchange of 20 (PS) or 25 (VLU) notes. You have no more money? It’s annoying, indeed. You quickly understand the importance of knowing how to manage your wallet. If you do not have time to wait and want to buy a new car immediately, you have the possibility to get more banknotes. Simply leave the screen on which you currently are, and click on the « + » sign that is next to your number of notes. A screen appears and proposes you to buy notes. You have the choice between 7 quantities: 100, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10,000. Little tip about this: many players tend to buy their notes 100 by 100. However, this is not necessarily the right solution, and here’s why: If you are a loyal player of Dial-911, you will inevitably, at a moment or at another, need more notes. Depending on your game projects, 100 notes can go quickly, without bringing in money fast enough. Conversely, if you have the opportunity to invest in 1000, or even 2500 notes in a oner, your game will be much more interesting. Your wallet will enable you to make improvements at all levels and finish them in no time. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your game without having to wait, and earn coins at the same time. Ultimately, you will save money.

No need to be a math teacher to realize that you earn more when you invest more. The more notes you buy, the less expensive they are!

Hiring staff

Let’s get back to the topic, and to our options screen through which we can make improvements. We have just seen the « vehicles » tab. Now, let’s take a look at the « staff » one. The level of your building enables you to recruit a certain number of people. At level 4, you can hire 13 people. As a result, your missions will be carried out more efficiently. Yes: more policemen for better performance! Then click on « hiring staff. » This wont cost you anything, but it will take 12 hours for your team to get its act together. Once again, your notes enable you to reduce the waiting time. In our case, at level 4, you will need 72 notes to makes things move faster.

Dial-911: ready to play?

Have you heard about Dial-911 or did you come upon the application when exploring the newest games in your app store? In both cases, there is no doubt, Dial-911 has caught your eye! So, why not go ahead and save the people of your country like thoursands of other players ?!

Before telling you about the steps that you’ll have to go through to launch your game, it seems essential to briefly explain the concept of Dial-911!

Your goal: drive out the most appropriate professionals depending on the situation: firemen, police officers, other types of agents … One, two or even three cars … Your mission consists in managing the crisis before things become of paramount importance. In other words, you are the Chief of Brigade, the tour operator, the person who decides how things must be managed. So, concretely, how does it work?

Start by creating an account, no need to say. Choose a nice nickname, a password that would give a bit of trouble to a dishonest player who would like to hack your account and enter your email address. All good ? In these case, you can begin to play!

First step: choose the city in which you wish to play. Yes, you read correctly ! Once enrolled, a map will appear. Click on the « search » button (the magnifying glass) to find your city on the map. All done ? Very good. It is now time to choose with who you want to work! The firefighters or the police. For the example, we will say that you have chosen the police.

Second step: build your first police office! You are, at the beginning of your game, credited with coins and notes. These will enable you to build your buildings. Press the building button and select the building of your choice. You must know that your notes have the power to speed up the foundation of your construction.

All good? Perfect. You can now start playing. « Dringggggggggg », your phone/pad is ringing? This means that your first mission is about to begin! Press the small orange triangle button at the bottom left of the screen. A window opens. This is your mission list. It’s type will be indicated (thief, fight, accident, etc …) as well as its level of difficulty. It is for you to choose whether to dive out agents or not. If you do, how many are appropriate?

Note that you start your game with only one car per establishment. It is your responsibility to buy more (thanks to your coins and / or notes) in order to be able to accept more missions and cover more ground!

Speaking of notes, they will be particularly useful, especially if you want to complete a task faster. No? You prefer to keep your money for something else? No problem. However, you will have to be a little more patient. You can see your mission progress thanks to the gauge located next to the mission’s title.

« And what do I do when I don’t have any coins or notes left? Knowing that I need that money to build new buildings, and to invest in new cars, I’ll be stuck fast, right? « . No, you wont! Each successful mission earns you coins. Neverthless, you must be more careful with your notes, because the game only offers you a few when you gain a level. If you want to give your game a boost, you can buy some. Notes are for sale. Prices start at 1.99 dollars.

« And that’s it? « . No, fortunately! At the top left of your screen, you should see a gauge and the number 1. This is your level. The more missions you accomplish, the higher your level will get. Your missions increase gradually as you gain experience. Note that your missions will also become more complex as you play. Makes things more thrilling, doesn’t it?!

No more missions at the present moment? In such case, why not use your time to upgrade your buildings? You will be able to buy a greater number of cars and cover more ground! You can also hire more staff!  » Staff ?! « . Absolutely, but we will get to that bit in Part 2 of « ready to play? « .

The bigger your buildings get, the more you can equip them with high-performance vehicles. You will be able to reach you missions faster, and you will therefore not need to spend as many of your notes!

Tip: to be (nearly) sure to succeed, and reduce the time spent on your mission, we advise you to pay attention to the distance between your vehicle and the reported incident. 1 mile, 500m, 200m … Time can work in your favor, or, conversely, against you. The faster you arrive on the scene, the more chances you have to accomplish your mission quickly and efficiently. Also, you must ask yourself if the problem for which you are called is of the police’s or the firemen’s responsibility.

You have just given orders to a team to intervene, but your phone/pad has rang again to alert you of the same mission? « But what’s going on? « That means your agents need help! If you have any vehicles available, we strongly recommend you to send a few other cars if you want to see your brigade succeed! Yes, some missions will give you more of a headache than others!

See you soon in Part 2 of « ready to play?  » for more tips and explanations!

Dial-911: the most addictive game!

Suspense, challenges, fun, for free … These are the elements that make a game a quality hobby. This is also what Dial-911 offers. Designed as an app for smartphones and tablets, this entertainment will amuse you for hours. So what is it? To whom it is addressed ? How does it work ? That’s what we’ll explain here!

Dial-911: What is it?

You will have understood: Dial-911 is a game, an application, developed to entertain throughout the day. The principle ? Slip into the shoes of a 911 central dispatcher and save your population. Your mission : send out the relevant emergency vehicles depending on the problem you have to face. So much for the broad lines. Obviously and thankfully, practice is far more complex, and, as a fact, much more entertaining!

First download the application. As indicated above, it is free. All done? In these case, we can get down to business. Once registered in due form, the time will have come for you to choose the camp in which you want to work. Two choices are available: working with the police or the emergencies. Say you decided to start your new adventure with the police. Mission accomplished ? Very good. Next step : build your first barrack. « Fine, but where should I establish it? « . In short, you’re spoiled for choice! The map appears before you. Choose the town you wish!

And now you can start playing! Your task? Wait for a mission to be reported to you, and send out the necessary help.  » Missions ? What kinds of missions? « . Homicide, burglary, felony, neighborhood conflicts, shooting … Depending on the difficulty, you will be asked to send the appropriate number of vehicles.  » Cars ? « . Yes, it would be difficult to save anyone without transport, woudn’t it ?!

You will find the number of available vehicles in the details of your building. You can improve your building. It will allow you to buy more vehicles and recruit more staff.  » Staff ? « . Of course ! How would you rescue people without agents ?!

If the number of cars and agents is enough to control the situation, your mission is a success. However, be careful, your team may needs reinforcements!

Successful missions earn you money, which allows you to invest in new equipment (buildings, cars, trucks, etc …).

The more you earn, the higher your level gets. The choice of equipment will expand along with the time you spend on your game! Understood?

Your evolution in the game

Once your game correctly taken over, the time will have come for you to develop strategies, to optimize your time to make more money, to build new buildings; different buildings from those of your original camp (police or hospital). Indeed, climbing levels allows you to have access to new vehicles and new buildings. Those of you who have chosen the police will have, the time come, access to structures and vehicles belonging to the other camp, the hospital ones in our case. And vice versa.

The more time you spend on Dial-911, the more the possibilities and the opportunities become important. Want to build another place? Good idea. Note that you are free to establish it in any city. Gradually, thanks to perseverance and patience, you will be able to establish structures throughout the country! You now know what you have to do … At your gadgets!

Dial-911 features

A game goes with features and all kinds of other possibilities. And you wont be disappointed with what Dial-911 has to offer! Here’s a brief overview of the game’s features:

1 – The chat

Dial-911 has a chat that enables you to talk with other players. Share your experiences, get advice, make new friends, develop strategies together … In any case, do not go without!

2 – The website

All games have a website. Dial-911’s one gives you access to a forum where you can ask questions, interact with other players, give your opinion on the game’s features… You can also read the numerous articles written in order to help you carry out your missions, to guide you, to advise you and to keep you updated with the latest news.

3 – No ads

Dial-911 doesnt carry much ads … However, if you want to get rid of the few of them, an option is available. Just click on « remove advertising. » Of course, you’ll need to pay a small contribution to enjoy this benefit.

4 – Buying green notes

One of Dial-911 high points: you can play for free. Each successful mission is rewarded with money (virtual, needless to say); money that allows you to upgrade your barracks. The game also offers you valuable green notes. « Yes, but what are they for? « . You can use them for everything! Finish your missions without having to wait, use your buildings without having to wait for their construction to be finished, purchase cars without having to wait too … Dial-911 notes allow you to have access to a more dynamic game. Waiting times are over. Thus, you can get to business much faster.

The game offers you green notes every time a new level is reached, however, you can buy some too. Which can be very handy!

5 – Mission records

The mission record tab, as its name suggests, allows you to see the different missions that one has achieved. When were they carried out, how much money have they brought in … This is valuable information because it allows you to sort your new missions based on the amounts that they bring in. Thus, an experienced player will first take care of an homicide before a neighbor conflict. The more your mission is difficult, the more money you earn. Everything is a matter of logic and strategy!