How do I get missions ?

This is the most frequent of all the questions and requires a little more in depth explanation.
This game is not like others where you are overwhelmed with stuff right away.
This game requires patience. Calls are based off of units, not population or anything else.
First off, you need a good internet connection.
Secondly, you absolutely cannot leave the game at all.
Even if the game is running in the background, new calls do not populate.
If you are still in the game and swipe down to quickly reply to a text, no new calls come in.
Don’t join the chat and say “its been two days!” It has not, quit lying.
If you did the tutorial, you should have a station, but I’m going to start off from the beginning.
First thing you need to do is decide if you want fire or police.
Find the location where you want to start playing.
Go to the bottom right and select the building icon.
You should be in the construction tab.
Select the fire station or police station.
Then press and hold on the location where you want to build.
Once the building has been built, go back to the bottom right.
Select the tab above construction (should be a star or flame depending on what you start with).
Select details.
Here you should find the level of your station, vehicles, and staff.
Make sure you have at least
1 vehicle and the appropriate staff to fill it. (Patrols take 2, Engines take 5) Now just sit and wait!
Calls are sporadic, sometimes you’ll run calls non-stop. Other times you’ll wait 5 minutes before getting a call.
When you get a call there will be a number on the red phone that is in the bottom left corner.
1. Select the phone
2. Select the call
3. Find the appropriate unit.
4. Hit select
5. Hit engage
Some troubleshooting tips I have seen from other players who have struggled to get calls right away:
Close the app and open it again Go to the red phone in the bottom left, select it, then select the pause button.
Wait a few minutes and un-pause.
You can also go to the shopping cart icon on the bottom right and purchase double missions for 50 cash.
If none of those work, try deleting the game and installing again If all of the above fail, try restarting by going to the gear icon on the top left side of the screen and hitting the reset button, and try in a different location.
The biggest things are:
1. Make sure you have a good connection
2.Make sure you stay in the game
3. Make sure your station is built, staffed, and has vehicles.
4. Patience!


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